October 29

Best Tire for Honda CRV: The Top 6 Picks

On the search for new tires?

If you aren’t too fond of the ones you got with your Honda CRV or are just looking to replace your old rubber, you might be on the search for the best tires for your ride.

But tires come in all shapes and sizes with different models performing better in different environments, and for different needs.

To help you make the right choice, we’ll dive deep into:

  • The 6 best tires for the Honda CRV
  • The different rim sizes depending on your CRV model
  • And the best tire for your lifestyle

Let’s get into it.

Best Tires for Honda CRV: The Top 6 Based on Rating 

OE Tires Hankook Kinergy GT
Best All-Season Tire Michelin Premier LTX
Best Budget Tire Hankook Kinergy ST
Best High-Performance Tire Latitude Sport 3
Best Mid-Price Tire Continental Truecontact Tour
Best for Snowy Conditions Bridgestone Blizzak DMV2

Honda CRV OE Tires – Hankook Kinergy GT

Hankook Kinergy GT

Source: tirerack.com

The OE Tires of the CRV depend on the trim you have.

For the LX Trim, you’ll usually get 17” 235/65R17 Hankook Kinergy GT tires. You may also get Bridgestone Ecopia H/L422 with the same specifications. 

These OE tires are also the same for the CRV EX, EX-L, and Touring variants. However, the exact specifications are 235/60R18 103H. 

Best All-Season Tire – Michelin Premier LTX     

Source: tirerack.com

The Michelin Premier LTX is an all-around great tire for drivers looking for above-average performance in different conditions.

Built for crossovers, Michelin has poured their years of experience to enhance the traction and control you receive in wet and cold weather with its EverGrip technology, to divert water from the tires, lowering slippage.

You’ll also get great traction in dry conditions, with its extreme silicon and sunflower oil enhanced tread compound, promising easier maneuverability and better fuel economy.

These tires are also pretty quiet, which is a huge plus if you value leisurely drives and comfort.

You’ll also get this tire to fit, with a wide variety of different rim sizes that’ll work with all CRV models out there.

Best Budget Tire – Hankook Kinergy ST

Source: tirerack.com

If you’re looking for a budget tire that still offers great performance and treads life, then the Hankook Kinergy ST is the best option on the market for the Honda CRV.

The Hankook Kinergy ST costs around $130 per tire, with rim sizes from 13’’- 18’’ that will fit any CRV model you have. 

These tires are also built for all-season performance, with its tread design that’ll offer greater traction in light snow and wet conditions, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

Even better is its abrasion-resistant tread compound that offers exceptional durability, with Hankook offering a 70,000-mile or 6-year warranty too. So life is an aspect you won’t need to worry about here, making it all the more budget-friendly.

The only con here is that the Hankook only offers average performance in chilly weather, which may be an issue if you live in an area with a long winter season.

Best High-Performance Tire – Latitude Sport 3

Source: tirerack.com

If you’re looking for absolute performance in dry and wet conditions, no other tire comes close to the Michelin Latitude Sport 3.

This tire was made for speed, being a standard offering on high-performance SUVs, allowing you to take your CRV to its absolute limit.

The asymmetric tread design will ensure better grip and traction in wet conditions, allowing you to benefit from superior handling in rainy conditions.

What’s more, is the Latitude Sport 3s exceptional cornering response, even at high speeds, which pretty much guarantees you won’t lose control, even if you take the pedal to the metal.

But performance isn’t all that’s on offer here, with the Latitude Sport 3 offering a tread design that ensures a comfortable drive and long tire life.

However, this is on the pricier side, with prices above $400 per tire, and won’t offer decent performance in the snow.

Best Mid-Price Tire – Continental Truecontact Tour

Source: tirerack.com

Want great high-performance tires at an affordable price?

Well, the Continental TureContact Tour is the answer to all your needs, with a moderate price tag that doesn’t compromise on performance, scoring well on all consumer surveys.

Offering excellent performance in wet and dry conditions, and an above-average in snow, makes the TrueContact Tour a versatile all-season tire, that’ll allow you to drive easily in any climate.

Additionally, you’ll also get great off-road experience with the tires performing well on unmarked roads and dirt tracks, without loss of traction.

Better still, is the comfort you get, with the Comfort Ride underlay beneath the tread, limiting any vibrations from affecting you inside the cabin.

And with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and tire sizes for most CRV models, it is pretty hard to find any fault here, considering the approachable price point.

Best for Snowy Conditions – Bridgestone Blizzak DMV2

Source: tirerack.com

The Bridgestone Blizzak has long been known as one of the best tires to get if you live in snowy conditions, with exceptional traction, even in heavy snow.

Offering superior braking and control in slush, icy and snowy conditions, the Blizzak is a top contender for your CRV if you live up North, with tread design meeting the industry’s severe snow service requirements.

Its aggressive block edges, wide lateral and circumferential, and 3D zigzag sipes ensure traction on icy surfaces and a reduced risk of hydroplaning in wet conditions.

The best part is the Blizzak DMV is sufficiently versatile, getting you through the summer months without the need to swap tires.

However, the tread life on these tires can be pretty low depending on your driving style and conditions, with a few drivers complaining of less than 15,000 miles of tread life.

Honda CRV Tire Sizing Guide

Pre-2005 Honda CRV models have a rim size of 15’’, with is understandable given the smaller vehicle size at the time.

Post-2005, all Honda CRVs use 16’’, 17’’ or 18’’ rims, with most latest models using 17’’- 18’’ rim sizes.

All the tires listed above support these rim sizes, so regardless of your model, you’ll be able to fit them on your CRV.

How to Pick The Best Tire For Your Honda CRV

While the Manufacturer does supply OE tires fit for most driving conditions, drivers have all sorts of different needs and lifestyles, and different tires will cater to your needs more than others.

Drivers looking for better performance at an affordable price may look to the Continental TrueContact Tour, with its all-around above-average performance, that’ll suit both off and on-road driving.

If you live in a predominantly snowy climate, then the Blizzak may be the better option, providing superior traction in heavy snow compared to the other tires on this list, with above-average dry performance as well.

If you’re just trying to get the cheapest tires on your rims, then the Hankook Kinergy offers the best deal, while still providing adequate performance to get you through most seasons.

So in the end, the final choice will depend on what you’re looking for.

Also, before choosing the ideal tire, you must be able to know whether or not your car requires a tire replacement. Click here.

Wrap Up

So that’s that, the top 6 best tires you can get on your CRV’s rims. All the tires listed above will fit the latest CRV models, with most tires coming in 15’’ rim size to support the pre-2005 models as well.

Just remember that, regardless of the tire you pick, the life and performance you get will hinge on the care you take of them. So you should regularly check your air pressure and wheel alignment to get the most out of them.

And good luck selecting your CRVs tires!

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