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What Is The Best Defensive Driving Course in Texas For 2023?

Whether it is because you have to or because you are choosing to, there are a number of benefits to taking a defensive driving course in TX. Some people take a Texas defensive driving course to save on insurance rates, but the majority sign up for a course after receiving a traffic ticket. Although there are numerous ways to take defensive driving courses, the best way to take the course is online.

The state of Texas has a total of 50 online defensive driving courses. While any of those 50 state certified courses will work to dismiss a traffic ticket, some courses are much better than others. This guide will help you choose the best online defensive driving course approved in Teas.

Reviews Of The Best Online Defensive Driving Courses In Texas

No matter what your reasoning is for taking a defensive driving course in Texas, the best courses available are those that are available online. Taking a course online provides you with flexibility and convenience, allowing you to complete the course anytime, anywhere. Before enrolling in a course, you should ensure that the course is approved by the state of Texas. Consider our picks for the best defensive driving courses below, which are all approved by the state.

Approved Course Online Defensive Driving Texas

Approved Course is my top recommendation, but I need to be fully transparent here. Approved Course is owned and operated by a friend of mine. This is a family run online defensive driving course that has been certified in the state of Texas for almost a decade now. By choosing to take this course, you are supporting a small family own texas based business.

Approved Course was actually started by my friends father. He was a defensive driving instructor in the 1990's when defensive driving still had to be taken in a classroom. In the year 2000, he was laid off as the company he worked for got rid of classroom courses and went entirely online. That's when my friend and his father decided to start up Approved Course, their own online defensive driving course.

Even though Approved Course is a small business, they still offer all the perks (and maybe even more) that the big corporate owned defensive driving courses offer. The price is as low as you'll find in Texas, they have customer service available 7 days per week, you get free certificate delivery, they are approved in all courts, and there isn't even a final exam. Just pass the short quizzes and you're good to go.

So while I may be a bit biased as my friend owns Approved Course with his father, I really do vouch for the quality of this online defensive driving course.

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Aceable Best Texas Online Defensive Driving

Aceable is one of my favorite courses for Texas online defensive driving. This is actually the newest online defensive driving course approved by the state of Texas. This Austin, Texas based startup company just launched in 2016. While being the newest online defensive driving course in Texas may sound like a disadvantage, the opposite is actually true.

The biggest issue with Texas online defensive driving courses is how outdated many of them have become. Most of them were created in the early 2000's and have received minimal updates ever since then. Some of them still don't even work well on mobile devices, so you need to take the entire course sitting at an actual computer or having a laptop with you.

This isn't the case with Aceable. They are the only online defensive driving course to actually have dedicated apps for Apple and Android devices. This course works absolutely flawlessly on mobile devices. So, if you plan on completing your defensive driving course from your phone while you're on the go or even watching a movie on the couch, this is the course you want to go with.

In addition, Aceable delivers the course content in many different ways and they keep it pretty interesting. Most online defensive driving courses in Texas rely on having you just read page after page of text. With Aceable, you'll get content delivered not just through text, but also videos, games, animations, graphics, and interactive features. Aceable really is way ahead of everyone else.

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iDriveSafely Online Drivers Ed

iDriveSafely is another reputable company that offers great defensive driving courses in Texas. The company offers more than 15 years of expertise in dozens of states, so they know what they are doing. Their courses are developed by professional driving instructors and learning theory experts. iDriveSafely is one of the most used online defensive driving programs and they have had over 5,000,000 people dismiss their traffic tickets by taking the course.

While some parts of iDriveSafely are starting to feel a little outdated, they are still an excellent option because they are the fastest course allowed by Texas state law. Unfortunately, the state of Texas requires "course timers" to be used. They want your 6 hour course to actually last 6 hours, so each page is timed. It's super annoying and frustrating, but it is a requirement that all online defensive driving courses in Texas must abide by. iDriveSafely set up the course to last 6 hours and not a second longer, which again, is the state mandated minimum. You can go at your own pace though and spread the course out over time. iDriveSafely will automatically keep track of your progress.

iDriveSafely offers two different courses in Texas. You have the traditional course which is almost entirely text and pictures. If you prefer video, they do have a video defensive driving program that many prefer. It all comes down to personal preference really.

iDriveSafely works well on mobile devices and you can switch between devices anytime you want. They also provide United States based customer service 7 days per week in case you have any issues along the way. It's certainly a school worth considering

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Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School is perhaps the most popular online defensive driving course in Texas. They attract a lot of people for one main reason - they promise to be the cheapest online defensive driving course in Texas. If you find another defensive driving course at a lower price, just let them know and they will match or beat the price.

Another cool aspect of Go To Traffic School is the "pay later" feature. Forget money back guarantees. When you sign up at Go To Traffic School, you can choose to start taking the course for free without having to enter any payment information at all. Take the first couple of sections for free and if you decide the course isn't for you, there's not need to even request a refund. That's about as no-risk as you'll get. So if you want to try out a cheap online traffic school that is legit and you can start for free, Go To Traffic School just might be the course for you.

Another nice thing about Go To Traffic School is they just updated all of their course material about a year ago. The course was starting to get pretty outdated, but now it works great on mobile devices, has interactive videos, and more than you'd expect from an online defensive driving course that promises to be cheap.

This is another defensive driving course that has had literally millions of drivers go through it. You can't have 2 decades of experience with millions of customers without doing something right.

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Improv Texas Online Defensive Driving

Improv Traffic School is one of my personal favorites. This online defensive driving course was started by stand up comedians. They fully understand that taking a defensive driving course is boring and you're likely not doing it because you want to. That's why they created this comedy based course.

In this course, you'll be reading funny jokes, watching funny videos, and even playing interactive games. It is broken up into 6 easy sections that you can do at your own pace. I think this is probably the easiest online defensive driving course in Texas as well. The quizzes are incredibly easy that you should be able to pass without even really paying attention.

All the other features you'd want to see in a good online defensive driving course are there. They have customer service available 7 days per week via phone, email, and live online chat. The course works well on mobile devices, it's designed to be as fast as the state allows, and it's even a little entertaining.

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A Sense Of Humor Defensive Driving Course

A Sense Of Humor is another comedy based online defensive driving course in Texas. This course doesn't have stand up comedians, but they do have some pretty humorous narration with funny videos, pictures, jokes, etc. Since the state of Texas mandates all online defensive driving courses to actually take 6 hours, this course makes it a bit less boring to sit through.

Another advantage of this course is their lowest price guarantee. If you find an online defensive driving course in Texas for cheaper, they will match or beat the price. Even though this course is comedy based and lower priced, they have still won awards for being a high quality program.

A Sense Of Humor also doesn't mess around with hidden fees. You get free audio read along, free certificate delivery, and everything is priced up front. A lot of defensive driving courses in Texas have some hidden fees such as ridiculous prices to ship your certificate. You don't need to worry about that with A Sense Of Humor.

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Drivers Ed Best Texas Online Defensive Driving, as you might guess, got their start as an online driver's education course provider. They are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, online driver's ed courses in Texas and several other states as well. This online driving school started back in the late 1990's, and about 10 years later, they also got into the defensive driving side of things.

This is a good online defensive driving course for young adults as much of the course material is taken directly from their online driver's ed program. has some pretty cool features such as 3D animated videos, games to help you retain the most important information, and of course it's easy to pass.

As with any other high quality online defensive driving course, has customer service available 7 days per week, you can log in and out of the course whenever you want, it works well on mobile devices, and it is designed to take as short as possible to get through.

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Get Defensive Texas Online Defensive Driving Course

Get Defensive is another online defensive driving course in Texas that focuses on being priced as cheap as possible. The state of Texas regulates the price of online defensive driving courses, and Get Defensive is priced at the minimum allowed by Texas state law. You will not find a lower priced online defensive driving course in Texas.

Get Defensive has a mix of text, videos, animations, and a couple games thrown in there. However, this is mostly a text-based course and the other stuff is just sprinkled in here and there.

Other advantages include being able to take the course in a couple different languages. It also works well on any device and the quizzes are very easy to pass. This course does not have a final exam. Once you get through the 6 sections and pass those quizzes, you're done!

Get Defensive has been around since 2004 and has continuously updated their course as the years go by. They only operate in Texas so 100% of their efforts go into just giving Texas customers what they want.

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Full List Of All Approved Texas Online Defensive Driving Courses

While the online defensive driving courses listed above are the most popular and highest quality courses you can sign up for, it's always good to know all of your choices. Listed below is a full list of all approved Texas online defensive driving courses. Any of these courses can be used for ticket dismissal purposes.

Why Would You Take A Defensive Driving Course In TX?

Dismiss A Traffic Ticket – Texas law permits the completion of a defensive driving course TX once every year in order to dismiss a traffic ticket. If you get a minor ticket, you may be able to dismiss it by attending a defensive driving course TX. Completing a defensive driving course TX online for as little as $25 can save you the hassle of attending a court date or paying your ticket, which could be significantly more expensive. Be sure that your traffic ticket is eligible to be waived by completing a defensive driving course TX, and that your course is certified by the state.

Expunge Points From Your Driving Record – If you must attend court for a violation, the court may give you the option to expunge points from your record by completing a defensive driving course. This is not mandatory, but would grant you the ability to voluntarily clean up your driving record. This can be especially beneficial when it comes to your insurance rates. Having a speeding ticket on your driving record can increase your premium by as much as 15 percent.

Court Mandated – If you have engaged in more reckless and aggressive behavior while behind the wheel, you may be required by the state to complete a defensive driving course TX. Actions that could result in a required defensive driving course are driving 25 miles per hour over the speed limit, or speeding in a school or construction zone. Your Texas judge could make the completion of a defensive driving course TX as part of your punishment – your license could even be suspended, or put on probationary status until you complete the course.

Lower Your Car Insurance Rates – Your insurance company may offer you a discounted rate if you voluntarily take a defensive driving course TX. Typically, this comes in the form of lower premiums. You should check with your insurance company to see what programs are approved. Your defensive driving course will also need to be accepted by the state of Texas in order for it to be accepted by your insurance company. Although discounts are available for all drivers, the deal is typically more worthwhile for younger drivers, since they are typically seen as a bigger risk for insurance companies.

Better Your Work Performance – If you must do a lot of driving for a company, ensuring that you can be trusted could put you in line for a promotion or a raise. If you drive for a ride-sharing service, such as Uber or Lyft, enrolling in a defensive driving course could improve your ratings as a driver, which will lead to an increase in pay.

There are many worthwhile lessons and knowledge to be learned in a defensive driving course. While many drivers take a defensive driving course TX because they are required to, others choose to take the course on their own accord. Many drivers choose to take the course as a refresher to their driver’s education courses that they took when first learning how to drive. Since a defensive driving course TX can be completed for a low cost and in a few short hours at your convenience, there is no reason not to consider completing one. Doing so could save your life one day. Additionally, the course material does not have to be boring. Many courses offer interactive videos that keep you engaged. If you are looking to take the course for fun, consider This course is approved by the state as a certified defensive driving course TX, but the course curriculum is “comedy style,” allowing for a fun, relaxing way to gain valuable information.

Keep Your Entire Family Safe – Today’s younger generations are having a more difficult time staying focused while on the road. Temptations are greater than ever, especially with cell phones. Distracted driving is becoming an increasingly greater epidemic. Consider completing a defensive drivers course as a family. This will hopefully protect the younger drivers in your family, but will also serve as a refresher for you as well. Even if your kids are not able to drive, instilling good habits in them early and leading by example could prove extremely beneficial when they do start to drive.

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