Online Traffic School Reviews

Online Traffic School Reviews

These online traffic school reviews have been compiled so that you can save time and money while completing your traffic school requirements. These online traffic schools can be used for ticket dismissal, point reduction, and insurance reduction purposes. Of course, our online traffic school reviews are incomplete without user reviews and feedback from drivers like you, so PLEASE consider coming back here to post a comment about your experience.

Online Traffic School Reviews – Our Top Picks

While performing our online traffic school reviews, we came across several traffic schools that are clearly better than the rest. Here are the online traffic schools that performed the best and why we like them more than the hundreds of other online traffic schools available for you.

iDriveSafely – This online traffic school is probably the best online traffic school simply due to their reputation. They have had more than 5 million people complete their courses over a period of two decades. Before that, they were one of the few traffic schools that offered home-based traffic school programs via workbooks, DVD’s, and VHS tapes (remember those?). This online traffic school is even certified for online driver education training. They also have the quickest course allowed by law and are approved in nearly every state that lets drivers take their traffic school course online. Just pick your state on their website, fill in your ticket information, and they will verify if you’re eligible for their online traffic school program.

DriversEd.com – This online traffic school began as one of the very first online driver’s ed programs available for teen drivers. Over 10 years ago they also became certified to offer online traffic school courses and have obtained certifications from nearly every state. This online traffic school has also been recently updated to allow mobile devices and tablets to be used, along with some cool videos, graphics, and diagrams to help you absorb the material.

Improv Traffic School – One of the top complaints about online traffic school is how boring they are. Fortunately, for those of you with a goofy sense of humor, this online traffic school exists. Be warned, not everyone will find the humor used at Improv Traffic School to be funny, so make sure you take their free test drive first and watch a few of the videos. If you do like their style of humor, your traffic school will go by pretty quickly. From stand-up comedians to goofy games and pictures, they spice it up as much as they can.

Additional Online Traffic Schools To Consider

While we consider the schools listed above to be the top online traffic schools, they certainly aren’t your only options. Here is a list of other online traffic schools you can consider:

Traffic School 101 – This online traffic school is getting slightly outdated, but it is still an excellent choice as long as you are planning to complete your online traffic school from a PC (vs. a mobile device or tablet).

Ticket Relief – This is another online traffic school that is beginning to get a little outdated, so we couldn’t make it one of our top recommendations, but it is still a legit online traffic school with a proven track record.

Go To Traffic School – If all you’re interested in is paying the cheapest possible price, this is the online traffic school to consider. They have a very long track record, are approved in nearly every state, and will beat any price if you find a cheaper online traffic school somewhere else.

Easy Fast Cheap Online Traffic School – This online traffic school was once a very popular online traffic school course. Over the years, the course has deteriorated somewhat as they have not kept up with technology. However, it is still a fully licensed and popular traffic school.

Comedy Traffic School – Here is another comedy based online traffic school to consider if you enjoy humorous traffic schools. While we personally prefer the Improv course, this one is pretty funny, too. In addition, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have maintained a good online reputation.

Get Defensive – This is another online traffic school that promises to have the lowest price. If you find an online traffic school at a cheaper price, you can have them match or beat the price you found. So if you are price conscious, this is another good option to consider.

The Online Traffic School – One of the first online traffic schools in existence was The Online Traffic School, also called OLTS. This traffic school has a great reputation, they have been in business for many years, and are priced right. Unfortunately, they have some spammy advertising methods, but all-in-all it’s a solid choice.

Traffic School To Go – Here is yet another option of a cheap online traffic school course. You might not get all the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive online traffic schools, but this school will get the job done at low pricing.

No Stress Traffic School – Who wants traffic school to be stressful? We don’t really think this online traffic school does anything to make it less stressful, but it’s a certified online traffic school with years of experience.

Ticket School – Here is another online traffic school that is considered to be one of the main players. Once again, we don’t see anything too special with this traffic school, but it is a certified course and a very safe bet.

A Few Additional Tips For Finding A Great Online Traffic School

If you go with any of the above options, you’re going to be pretty safe. However, you always want to verify that an online traffic school is certified for your exact violation and in your exact location. When in doubt, call your local court clerk’s office and ask! You also want to find an online traffic school that has been in business for at least 10 years (there are plenty of them around) and has a good reputation online. You can check additional online traffic school reviews here as well as on this website. You can also check for online traffic school reviews through the Better Business Bureau and local review sites such as Yelp.