July 14

How to Get Paid for Delivering Alcohol

Are you the one that brings alcohol to parties and gatherings?

Do you enjoy it?

If only you could get paid for that — you’ll be making hundreds! 


Hold up…

How do you get paid for delivering alcohol?

Well, there are alcohol delivery services that you can apply in. 

The most popular ones in the country are Saucey and Drizly

In this article, we’ll be sharing the steps, FAQs, and even some tips on joining either of these companies.

But before you start applying, there are a few things you need to consider…

What Alcohol Delivery Drivers Should Know

  1. Your work schedules can end until the wee hours of the morning. Given the nature of the goods, expect that there will be orders coming in late at night and even past midnight. Of course, this will work best for those who consider themselves night owls.
  1. You are an independent contractor. This means that tax arrangements and payments will be managed by you only. Unfortunately, these two companies and other delivery services don’t assist in paying your taxes.
  1. You should be at least 21 years old. In observance with the law, these alcohol delivery services require you to be at least 21 years old. Only those that meet this age requirement are allowed to purchase alcohol.

The Best Alcohol Delivery Services to Work For

As we mentioned, Saucey and Drizly are 2 popular alcohol delivery services. 

If you want to get paid for delivering alcohol, then these are the services you should apply for. 

So let’s go over the application process and more. 


How to Get Paid for Delivering Alcohol

Saucey started out as a strictly delivery service back in 2013. But after re-evaluation of the business, their owners found that doing both ordering and delivery was a more profitable option. 

Plus, it was the preferred service of their customers.

The great thing about Saucey is that it’s available in LOTS of states. So you’re more likely to be in the area they serve. 

This means you can sign up as a driver for them.

Requirements to Become a Saucey Driver

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Should have a reliable vehicle, with a model year of 2007 or newer
  • Should own a smartphone that is no more than 2 years old (needed for app updates)
  • Should have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance
  • Should have a clean driver’s record
  • Should have available schedules at night and during the weekends

Steps on How to Become a Saucey Driver

  1. Visit Saucey’s website and look for the driver’s application within your state
  2. Fill in the online application. There will be slight differences in the information asked, depending on the state you’ll be driving in.
  3. Wait for an email regarding your application.
  4. Once approved, join the Saucey orientation for new drivers.
  5. Receive the starter pack items for Saucey drivers – a cooler bag and a hands-free phone mount
  6. Download the Saucey app for drivers and start booking your trips

How Much Can You Earn as a Saucey Driver?

Based on a few sources, the average hourly earnings is around $18. Of course, this will depend on how many trips you make. 

You start with a $5 rate, plus 50 cents for every item ordered and the tip. So if your customer purchases 3 items, you’ll make $6.50, without the tip.

Tips from customers are usually based on percentage. And since alcohol is more expensive than other goods, you can expect higher tips from your customers.

Can You Deliver Several Orders at Once with Saucey?

Yes, you can!

Saucey lets you choose your delivery block. This means you can pick up and deliver orders to customers living within a 3-mile radius.

Is There a Required Uniform for Saucey Drivers?

No uniform is required. Just make sure you look presentable during delivery.


How to Get Paid for Delivering Alcohol

Another alcohol delivery service you can try out is Drizly. 

Now, compared to other usual delivery apps, Drizly works a bit differently.

Instead of their drivers bouncing from store to store and picking up orders — Drizly drivers are assigned to only 1 retail store.

How does this work, you may ask?

Once you sign up for Drizly, your application lets you select from the Drizly partners and retailers. From there, the stores will reach out to you if they want you as their designated Drizly driver.

Requirements to Become a Drizly Driver

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Should have a reliable vehicle (SUV or trucks are recommended)
  • Should own a smartphone
  • Should have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance
  • Should have a clean driver’s record
  • Should pass their required background check

Steps on How to Become a Drizly Driver

  1. Head over to Drizly’s website and fill in their driver application form. Aside from your basic information, you must indicate your availability and preferred schedules.
  2. Wait for a Drizly partner to reach out to you regarding your application.
  3. Once done with the application, discuss with the retailer your schedule and payment cycles.
  4. Start getting orders.

Where is Drizly Available?

Because it’s per retail store, Drizly services a couple of states.

Here are some of the cities you can find Drizly in:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Austin, TX
  • Boston, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Houston, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • New York, NY
  • Washington DC

How Much Do Drizly Drivers Earn?

With Drizly, you can earn an average of $13 – $18 per hour. The rate will also depend on the state and when you start working.

Tips start at 10%, but you can get more from your customers. However, since you work with a specific retail store, they might have their own tippy system. So make sure to ask about this during your interview.

Do I Need to Download a Drizly Driver’s App?

Since you are employed by a sole retailer, there’s no need to download a Drizly app. If you want to check the incoming orders and customer details, you need to coordinate with your retailer. They have all the records on the incoming orders.

Can I Apply as a Full-Time Drizly Driver?

Yes, you can! You can select full-time or part-time when you fill in your application form. But, the reality is, there could be several slow days within the week. And this means fewer orders and pay. Many Drizly drivers are part-timers or work at least 2 different jobs.

Pros and Cons of Being an Alcohol Delivery Driver


  • There’s less competition. Since you’re delivering specifically for alcohol retailers and partners, there are higher chances for you to get booked. You won’t have to compete with other delivery app drivers.
  • Higher tips. Alcohol is generally more expensive than grocery items and other general merchandise. And most of the time, customers tip based on the percentage of the total amount. So the higher the order amount, the higher your tip can be!
  • More flexible working hours. Due to the nature of the product, most of the orders will be coming in during the late afternoons and Saturdays. So if you have another job, then this side gig can easily fit into your schedule.


  • There are slow days. Many retailers have pointed out that a spike in sales happens nearing the weekends and in the late afternoons and evenings. But this means that there are fewer orders during the weekdays.
  • Working hours might reach beyond midnight. Prepare yourself for some nights when you’ll need to deliver during the wee hours. 


Yes, you can get paid for delivering alcohol. 

If you do this all the time for your friends anyways, this is just a brilliant way to earn some side income. 

And with the boom of online deliveries, you can earn a lot!

So go ahead and check out the alcohol delivery services, apply, deliver alcohol, and get paid!

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