July 25

How to Become an Amazon Driver – A Complete Guide

With prices increasing, it’s a good idea to get a side hustle to help pay for the bills. 

Well, if you have extra time on your hands and a vehicle, then why not become an Amazon driver?

In this day and age, consumers have been more comfortable buying everything online. 

And we know for sure that Amazon is one of the first places people turn to.

So if you want a gig where your service is always needed, an Amazon driver should be a great choice. 

If you’re interested, then come along as we guide you through the steps on how to become an Amazon driver. 

Let’s dive right into it!

How to Become an Amazon Driver in 4 Simple Steps

To become an Amazon driver, you simply need to complete these 4 steps:

  1. Meet the Amazon driver requirements
  2. Sign up as an Amazon driver
  3. Start delivering as an Amazon Flex driver
  4. Cash out your earnings

We’ll break down each step for you in the following sections.  

Step #1: Meet the Amazon Driver Requirements

Just like any job application, you must meet the requirements for the role. 

For an Amazon driver, you must: 

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Have a valid US driver’s license.
  • Have at least a midsize vehicle (can be a 4-door sedan, a crossover, an SUV, a van, or a truck).
  • Have an iPhone or Android phone where you can operate the Amazon Flex App
    • iPhone users should have iOS13 or higher
    • Android users should have at least 2GB of RAM on Android 6.0 or higher
  • You should live in a city where Flex operates. Click here for all cities listed
  • You should pass a criminal background check.

That’s it. 

Step #2: Sign Up as an Amazon Driver 

You know you’re truly living in the modern world when application happens within an app.

To be more specific, the Amazon Flex app

Here’s an overview of the entire application process.

  • Allow access to phone tools. Once logged in, the app will automatically ask for your permission to grant access to your phone’s camera and location. These will be needed in your daily activities as an Amazon Flex driver. 
  • Provide information to complete your application. You will be asked to answer questions regarding your vehicle, availability, location, work experience, and educational background. In this step, you are also required to give your tax and bank account information for payment deposits.
  • Wait for application approval. Once everything is filled in and submitted, you can now wait for approval of your application.

How long is the whole application process? 

The entire application will take up to 5 business days. 

If you don’t get any message beyond this timeframe, you can reach out to Amazon Flex’s customer support at amazonflex-support@amazon.com or call their hotline at 888-281-6906.

Now, you might be wondering…

What are the common reasons an application is rejected? 

The most common reasons applicants are rejected are because of insufficient paperwork, the vehicle did not pass the requirements, or a failed background check.

Step #3: Start Delivering as an Amazon Flex Driver

How do you start as an Amazon Flex driver?

Well, you can choose what type of deliveries you want to pick up. 

There are 4 available types, including: 

  • Amazon.com — you can go to Amazon’s delivery stations and then deliver the packages straight to the customers. Usually, delivery blocks are 3-6 hours away. This type of delivery is the most straightforward and the least interaction needed with customers. 
  • Amazon Fresh — If you enjoy doing groceries and don’t mind multiple interactions with your customers, this is the route you can go. In this setup, you just need to pick up the grocery items from Amazon’s delivery station and then deliver them to your customers. Delivery blocks range from 2-4 hours.
  • Amazon Prime Now — From the name itself, Prime Now is a fast delivery service offered by Amazon to its Amazon Prime members. As a driver, you will need to complete the order within 1-2 hours. Prime Now drivers also earn higher tips from Prime Now customers.
  • Amazon Store Orders — Some customers need your help to get their packages directly from a physical store. As a driver, you’ll need to go to local stores, pick up packages, and deliver them directly to the customers. Delivery blocks range from 2-4 hours.

From there, you can start getting your first packages for delivery. 

Step #4: Cash Out Your Earnings

The best part about being an Amazon driver is that you can choose which days you get paid. 

And this is via direct deposit to your bank account.

So you can cater your payment to your needs and preferences. 

If you’re checking your total income daily, keep in mind that payments are credited 24 to 48 hours after deliveries have been made. So don’t be surprised if they don’t reflect all at once!

When you get your first pay, then CONGRATS!

There’s more where that came from!

Okay, okay. 

I know what you’re thinking. 

How much do Amazon Flex drivers get paid? 

Well, according to Amazon, their Amazon Flex drivers earn around $18-25 per hour. 

Of course, several factors can influence your daily payment. It will depend on your location and the volume of deliveries, the time spent to complete the deliveries, and of course, your tips.

What Is It Like to Be an Amazon Flex Driver

Nervous for your first day? 

We know how it feels!

To help you get ready, we have some practical advice listed down…

  • Don’t skip your meals; eat before you hit the road. You might not think it, but this job is physically strenuous. You need the energy and the strength to deliver to tens and hundreds of people. Also, you’d want to finish your delivery blocks faster, so make sure to eat to avoid having multiple break times.
  • Set up your own organization system. You’ll be drowning in so many parcels and packages that finding one can take up so much of your time. You can have organizers in your seat, group packages by location or name, etc…. It’s totally up to you! Just find a system that works. 
  • Strategize where you park. Yep, finding parking can be a big time-waster. Some drivers recommend walking to nearby houses so you won’t have to keep going in and out just to deliver 1 package. 

To get insights from a new driver like you, you can watch this video of someone who also just tried this out:

Frequently Asked Questions About Being an Amazon Driver

Is There a Dress Code for Amazon Drivers? 

Nope! You can choose whatever you want to wear. 

However, to be easily associated with Amazon, you can also ask for a vest from the warehouse or delivery pickup points.

Does Amazon Assist in Filing Your Taxes?

Unfortunately, they don’t. As an Amazon driver, you are considered an independent contractor. This means you will manage and pay your taxes by yourself. 

Am I Allowed to Bring an Assistant During My Trips?

Amazon doesn’t ban bringing an assistant. However, they note that there are many downsides to this, including: 

  • Amazon’s commercial insurance only covers the driver and no one else. 
  • Other individuals won’t be allowed to enter an Amazon warehouse. 
  • Having another passenger will require space that you can use for your tens to hundreds of packages for loading.
  • You may have to agree on a payment split. 

How Can I Earn More as an Amazon Driver?

There are 2 ways you can earn more as an Amazon driver. 

The first is through tips. 

Though you have no control or direct influence to ask for a tip, people are always willing to give them to great drivers. So always put your best foot forward, especially if you directly interact with customers.

The great news is that you get 100% of the tips you receive!

Now that’s going to be a huge bonus to your minimum earnings.

The second way you can bump up your earnings is by delivering orders during “surge hours.”

Surge hours are peak hours, and this depends on the city you’re serving. Sometimes, your pay can go up to $55/hour.

That’s quite a jump from $18!

Be smart and try to schedule your blocks during this time for better earnings in the end.


And that is how to become an Amazon driver. 

That was easy, right?

All you need to do is fulfill the requirements, get the Amazon Flex app, apply as a driver, go out and deliver packages, and start earning. 

So if you need a side hustle to earn extra income — then this is a great career option to consider. 

Best of luck!

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