November 23

Hankook Ventus TD Review: Are These The Tires For You?

Looking for high-performance tires to give your ride the boost it needs?

Looking for versatile tires for the track and road?

Then the Hankook Ventus TD is probably a tire on your radar, being a highly appreciated tire among racing and high-performance driving circles for the exceptional performance they provide.

However, with the variety of options available, and the intricacies of tire design, you’re probably looking for a bit more info before you make a final choice.

Down below I’ve gone into everything you need to know about these tires. In our Hankook Ventus TD review, we’ll go over all its specs and tire sizes to help you make an informed decision.

So let’s get into it!

Hankook Ventus TD Pros and Cons


Excellent traction in dry weather

The Hankook Ventus TD offers great traction in dry weather, which will offer excellent handling and control when cornering, even at high speeds.

Great sporty design

The Hankook Ventus TD is a real looker, with a flashy design that’ll complement your ride, a huge plus if you’re into car shows.


Poor in snow and rain

The Hankook Ventus TD offers sub-par performance in the snow and rain, where its sporty design fails to maintain traction.

Hankook Ventus TD Specs 

Type: Summer/Sport
Designed For: Passenger cars, Sport vehicles
Warranty: 6-year Workmanship warranty
Sizes: 15’’ – 18’’
Pros: Excellent traction in dry weather
Good for the track and road
Great sporty design
Cons: Poor in snow and rain
Available In: Tirerack (check price)

What Purpose is Hankook Ventus TD Designed For?

The Hankook Ventus TD has been built for high-performance use, primarily for drivers looking for street-legal tires to take on the roads and track.

This makes it a great tire option for sports cars and high-performance vehicles, where these tires offer performance and a flashy look to compliment your ride.

The aggressive semi-slick tread pattern that the Ventus TD is designed with helps keep as much grip as possible, which makes it perfect for handling at high speeds.

So for drivers looking to put the pedal to the metal, and want a pair of tires that’ll be as dependable in the city as they are on the track, then the Ventus TD is a top contender to consider.

What Weather Does Hankook Ventus TD Perform Best in?

The Hankook Ventus TD is designed to offer exceptional performance and traction in dry and hot weather.

This makes it a perfect option for drivers living in warmer climates, with the Hankook Ventus being able to withstand hot asphalt without any deformation.

However, unlike other tires, the Ventus TD isn’t for rainy climates, with its tire design lacking grooves to prevent hydroplaning, increasing the risk of slippage in wet conditions.

So if you’re living in a dry state such as California, these tires are a great fit. But for areas with plenty of rain or snow, these tires may not be your best choice.

Is the Hankook Ventus TD Good in Rain and Snow?

The Ventus TD was designed for warmer weather, lacking the features needed to deal with the unique challenges of icy and snowy weather.

Tires that are good in snowy weather offer specific design incorporations such as studding to help tires grip slushy snow and unstable ground.

The Ventus TD was built for the track and road, which means they lack features for snow traction.

This leads to significantly less handling in the snow, leading to an increased risk of getting stuck in the snow if.

Furthermore, the Hankook Ventus TD is also bad in wet conditions, which leads to the potential for slippage on melted snow and slush.

So for drivers living in areas that experience all climates, you’ll probably have to change your tires when the cold comes around.

If you want snow tires, look at the BFGoodrich Winter Slalom KSI.

Do Hankook Ventus TD Tires Offer a Smooth Ride?

When it comes to comfort, the Ventus TD isn’t the best, with the tires being poor at dealing with uneven ground and everyday city speedbumps and potholes.

The Hankook Ventus TD is primarily made for high-performance sports vehicles helping to get the most out of your supercar, which explains the lower emphasis on comfort.

This also leads to greater cabin noise, with these tires being notoriously bad at keeping noise out of the cabin.

So if you’re looking for a mix of comfort and performance, you may want to consider another tire option here.

Do Hankook Ventus TD Tires Last Long?

While the Ventus TD does offer great performance, this comes at a cost, with durability taking a big hit.

While tire life is extremely subjective, your driving style and tire care have a big impact on the life you can expect.

But with the Ventus TD, you’ll likely get around 10,000-20,000 miles if you’ll be pushing your car to the limit.

What Vehicles Do Hankook Ventus TD Tires Fit?

The Hankook Ventus TD fits a range of different passenger and sports vehicles, with tire rim sizes ranging from 15’’ to 18’’.

However, the Hankook Ventus TD is a niche set of tires, built for certain high-performance vehicles, which explains the low variants within each rim size.

Some vehicles these tires fit include:

  • BMW M3
  • Mini Cooper
  • Nissan Pulsar
  • Subaru WRX
  • Honda S2000
  • Evo X

Hankook Ventus TD Tire Sizes

15” Hankook Ventus TD Sizes

  • 195/55R15V

17” Hankook Ventus TD Sizes

  • 215/45ZR17W
  • 225/45ZR17W
  • 235/45ZR17W
  • 245/40ZR17W
  • 255/40ZR17W

18” Hankook Ventus TD Sizes

  • 235/40ZR18Y
  • 245/40ZR18Y
  • 265/35ZR18Y
  • 285/30ZR18Y
  • 295/30ZR18Y

Hankook Ventus TD Price

The Hankook Ventus TD isn’t the cheapest tire around, with a starting price above $300, increasing depending on the tire size you select.

However considering the high-performance and track-worthy tire class then Ventus TD is a part of, the prices are reasonable.

Check out the prices on the Tirerack.

What Are The Hankook Ventus TD Reviews Like?

Most drivers praise the exceptional performance the Ventus TD offers, with great handling and responsiveness on the track, while being roadworthy as well.

However, the noise and durability is a concern drivers highlight with low tire life and cabin noise that can get a bit annoying on the road.

Conclusion: Should You Get the Hankook Ventus TD?

Hankook is one of the most popular tire brands in the market, and for good reason. 

Just looking at the Ventus TD, you’ll see why. These tires were built for absolute performance. 

Now, if you were hoping for a more practical tire, these probably aren’t for you. 

But if you’re looking to get the best sporty experience, these are a must-have!

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