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Hankook Optimo H418 Review – Are These the Tires for You?

Are you looking for the perfect touring all-season tires for your vehicle? 

Are you considering the Hankook Optimo H418?

Are you not sure if these are the tires for you?

Good thing you found us!

In this article, we’re going to give you a complete Hankook Optimo H418 review. This way, you will know everything you need to know before you make the purchase. 

And in turn, this review will help you decide if it is the tires for YOU. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Hankook Optimo H418 Specs 

Here is a summary of the Hankook Optimo H418 specs:

Type:Touring all-season
Designed For:Passenger cars 
Warranty Distance:65.000 miles
Sizes:14” 15” 16” 17” 18”
Pros:Excellent wet and dry traction
Low noise and comfortable
Crisp steering response
Reasonably priced
Effective breaking
Higher rigidity
Cons:Low ice and snow traction
Tread life
Available (check price

Let’s get into the details!

Hankook Optimo H418 Type

Hankook Optimo H418 Review

As a touring all-season tire, you expect the Optimo H418 to work great for any weather condition. But do these tires really fulfill its promise? Let’s find out. 

Is Hankook Optimo H418 Good for Rain and Snow?

Great news! The tires provide excellent traction on wet surfaces. 

It also has reliable traction in light snow. However, diving into deep snow is not a strong point for this type of tire. So try to avoid using it for heavy snow days. 

Overall, we’d say it does great for both rain and light snow.

Is Hankook Optimo H418 Good for Dry Weather?

Yes! We’d go so far as to say it is excellent for dry weather. 

This tire is designed to provide excellent traction on dry surfaces, which gives people more confidence in its reliability and performance.

Is Hankook Optimo H418 Quiet?

Most drivers mentioned that this model is very quiet and comfortable to use, even on rough roads. Additionally, it also has a very crisp steering response. 

However, some drivers notice that over time, it becomes less quiet — which is understandable because the Optimo H418 does not have special noise-reduction properties.

Which Vehicles Fit the Hankook Optimo H418?

The Hankook Optimo H418 is designed for passenger cars and is often used as original equipment on vehicles like Kia. 

It is also used as a replacement tire for sedans, coupes, crossovers, and minivans.

Here are some of the most popular vehicles where this tire model will fit:

  • Mazda RX-7
  • Nissan Sentra, Maxima, Quest
  • Kia Optima, Sedona, Rondo, Sportage, Rio5
  • Acura Integra
  • Ford Freestar, Focus
  • Subaru Impreza, Outback, Baja
  • Honda Accord, Odyssey, CR-V
  • Hyundai Santa Fe, Sonata, Tucson, Elantra, Entourage
  • Chevrolet Cobalt, Aveo5, Impala
  • Infiniti G35
  • Dodge Neon
  • Pontiac Vibe, G6, Sunfire, Grand Am
  • Lexus ES300, RX350
  • Toyota Camry, RAV4, Corolla, Tercel
  • Volvo S40, 850
  • Volkswagen Jetta, Golf

Take note that this is NOT the complete list of compatible vehicles.

Hankook Optimo H418 Sizes

This Hankook tire model is available in five sizes – 14”, 15”, 16”, 17”, and 18”.

14” Hankook Optimo H418 Sizes

  • 175/65R14
  • 185/60R14 
  • 185/65R14 
  • 195/65R14

15” Hankook Optimo H418 Sizes

  • 185/55R15
  • 195/60R15
  • 205/165R15
  • 215/65R15
  • 225/60R15

16” Hankook Optimo H418 Sizes

  • 205/50R16
  • 205/55R16
  • 205/60R16
  • 215/50R16
  • 215/55R16
  • 215/60R16
  • 225/50R16
  • 225/55R16
  • 225/60R16
  • 225/65R16
  • 225/55R16
  • 235/60R16

17” Hankook Optimo H418 Sizes

  • 215/50R17
  • 215/55R17
  • 225/55R17
  • 235/55R17

18” Hankook Optimo H418 Sizes

  • 225/60R18

Hankook Optimo H418 Price

The price range for Hankook Optimo H418 goes as low as $70 to $140.

Even though it’s relatively cheaper than most leading brands, the Optimo H418 has outstanding features and design. 

This is a pretty good deal considering the excellent performance it provides all year round!

Hankook Optimo H418 Warranty 

Hankook Optimo H418 guarantees a 65,000 miles tread life. But, most drivers say that the tread wears out pretty quickly. 

Now, this Hankook tire model has a limited warranty and applies to:

  • Tires purchased after January 1, 2012
  • Tires that are not unserviceable due to any conditions listed as not covered
  • The tire size, speed rating, and load rating should be equal to or greater than the recommendation by the vehicle manufacturer

If the tire becomes unusable due to material-related condition or workmanship when the remaining tread is more than 2/32” and meets the following, Hankook will grant credit:

  • During the first 2/32” of the first year, the tire is eligible for a free replacement with a comparable Hankook tire. Applicable taxes will be shouldered by the owner.
  • After the first 2/32” of the usable tread or after one year from purchase, the credited amount will be multiplied with the pre-determined price for the tire by the percentage of the remaining tread depth on the tire.
  • The free replacement warranty is NOT applicable to snow tires.

What is not covered in the limited warranty?

  • Not applicable to original equipment tires
  • Cut or buffed serial number
  • Tires that are six years or older from the manufactured date
  • Has less than 2/32” tread wear
  • Irregular or premature wear caused by vehicle mechanical issues
  • Road hazards, including stone drill, collision, snag, bulge, cut, puncture, impact break, and bruise
  • Ride disturbance after the 2/32” tread wear
  • Off-road use, racing, and misapplication
  • Weather cracking on tires that are over four years from the manufactured date
  • Wreck, fire, willful abuse, collision
  • Outside the United States
  • Continued use of tire while flat or under/over inflation

Do you have questions about the product warranty? Reach out to the nearest Hankook Tire Dealer in your area.

Should You Get Hankook Optimo H418?

If you’re looking for an excellent touring all-season tire, you might want to consider Hankook Optimo H418.

Hankook is one of the most reliable and prestigious brands in the world. They are known for manufacturing high-quality tires for customers all over the world. 

The Optimo H418 is designed to provide a strong grip on dry, wet, and snow-covered road surfaces. Aside from that, it provides comfort, effective braking, and low noise. 

However, the traction can be improved on deep snow surfaces. 

Overall, it still promises strong traction and offers stability while driving. 

While it’s true that there are better all-season tires out there, the Hankook Optimo H418 does its job and provides excellent performance for its price!

What do you think about the Hankook Optimo H418? 

If you like what you read, then you should definitely go for it!

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