October 29

Goodrich G-Force Rival Review: Is This The Tyre For You?

Looking for good sports tires?

Or just need tires with exceptional performance and durability?

Well, then you may want to consider BFGoodrich’s premium sport tires: The G-Force Rivals. 

Cutting-edge tech, strong durability, and not too pricey, the G-Force Rivals are a great option for those drivers looking for the best performance on a budget. 

Down below, I’ve gone in-depth, offering you everything you need to know before you make a final choice.

Let’s dive in. 

BF Goodrich G-Force Rivals Pros and Cons


Excellent dry traction

The G-Force Rivals were made for the summer, with excellent traction and grip on dry surfaces that’ll ensure excellent performance if you live in a sunshine state such as California.

Exceptional handling

The superior grip the G-Force Rivals provide offers an excellent handling response that’ll make it easier to take tight turns even at high speeds.


Can get a bit noisy

While the G-Force offers great performance, they can get a bit noisy, which may be a bit difficult to deal with if you’re looking for comfort and high-speed performance. 

While the noise isn’t that bad, you’ll still get slightly annoyed with the sounds, especially when turning.

Goodrich G-Force Rival Specs:

Type: Summer
Designed For: Sports Cars
Warranty: Standard Goodrich 6-year warranty
Sizes: 15”- 20’’
Pros: Excellent dry traction
Exceptional handling
Impressive steering response
Variety of Sizes
Cons: Poor performance in wet conditions
Can get a bit noisy
Available In: Tire Rack (Check Price)

What is the Goodrich G-Force Rival Designed for?

The Goodrich G-Force Rival is mainly designed for sports car enthusiasts wanting to get the best driving experience. 

So if you want something to make your sports vehicle faster, better, stronger, and more powerful G-Force tires are a great choice to go with. The impressive steering response and the greatly enhanced cornering grip means you will be winning every one of your races, all day, every day.

However, although it performs well on racetracks and roads, it is a summer-type tire meaning it won’t perform well in the cold which is something to note if you live in colder environments. 

What Weather Does Goodrich G-Force Rivals Perform Best in?

The tires are ultra-performance summer tires, performing extremely well in dry, hot climates.

If you want high speeds and good stability, you’re in luck because the Rival’s updated tread pattern offers superb gripping and excellent traction. 

So, if you live in hot, summery areas, you won’t have any complaints here.

Does the Goodrich G-Force Rival Perform Well in Rain & Snow?

The Goodrich G-Force Rival is primarily designed for summer climates, which results in poor performance in rain and snow.

The performance will take a major hit in snowy and particularly rainy weather. Due to the shallow tread depth, these tires won’t displace water, as well as proper winter tires (or even all-season tires), do, making them susceptible to hydroplaning. 

BFGoodrich has clearly stated that this tire is not suitable for cold weather driving, so you’re not going to want to get caught out in cold weather on these.

Do Goodrich G-Force Rival Tires Offer a Smooth Ride?

With Goodrich G-Forces Tires you can expect nothing short of smooth. 

However if exposed to wet, snowy, and cold climates the tires can become practically unusable and driving would be unsafe.

But other than that it’s predictable, it’s fast and it gives you complete control. Talk about a win-win combo.

Are The Goodrich G-Force Rival Tires Noisy?

Due to the size and build, the G-Force Rivals can get rather noisy and loud.

While not ear-deafeningly loud,  the large tread blocks the tires leading to louder noise that can get annoying at times, being heard in the vehicle as well.

Which Vehicles Fit The Tire?

Goodrich G-Force Rival tires are perfect for sports cars, but since they come in a variety of rim sizes, they also make a great choice for muscle machines, pro touring, and even traditional cars: 

Vehicles which these tires can fit include:

  • Infiniti G37
  • Audi A4
  • Chevrolet Cobalt, Camaro, Corvette   
  • Ford Mustang, Focus
  • BMW 325Ci, 740i, 528i
  • Mazda Miata, RX-8   
  • Mitsubishi Lancer, Eclipse   
  • Porsche 944, 911
  • Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, GTO

G-Force Rival Tire Sizes

Available tire sizes:


  • 205/50R15 86W BSW
  • 225/45R15 87W BSW


  • 225/50R16 92W BSW


  • 215/45R17 91W BSW
  • 225/45R17 91W BSW
  • 245/40R17 91W BSW
  • 255/40R17 94W BSW


  • 245/40R18 93W BSW
  • 275/35R18 95W BSW
  • 295/35R18 99W BSW
  • 315/30R18 98W BSW
  • 335/30R18 102W BSW


  • 265/35R20 99W BSW
  • 285/35R20 100W BSW
  • 315/35R20 110W BSW 

Goodrich G-Force Rival Price Range

BFGoodrich G-Force Rival prices range from approximately $117 and up, depending on the rim size.

Not too pricey, neither too cheap, the price of the BFGoodrich G-Force Rival is moderate. So no need to worry here, these tires definitely won’t hurt your pockets too much.

Check out the prices at Tire Rack.

If you want an alternative with a similar price range, you might want to consider Goodyear Viva 3.

What The Life You Can Expect with the G-Force Rivals?

All Goodrich tires, including the G-force Rival, have a Standard Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty of 6years.

So any defects or problems you may face with the tire are all covered by the 6-year warranty.

In terms of the G-force Rival’s lifespan, you can expect an average of 3-5 years of life, greatly depending on how you drive and which environment the tires are subjected to. 

Cold and rainy temperatures will quickly wear down the tires, while dry and summery weather will keep them going.

With just a little bit of care and precaution, you can expect the Rival to have a long and durable life.

What Are The G-Force Rival Reviews Like?

The G-Force Rivals are generally appreciated, for their high-speed performance, especially at turns and the great durability they provide (if cared for). 

However, the few complaints generally have to do with the poor winter performance and the loss of grip on wet surfaces.

So with an average score of above 4 out of 5 stars on TireRack, the G-Force Rivals have clearly passed the consumer test.

Conclusion: Are these tires for you?

So the question you probably need answered… 

Are these the tires for you?

Well, if you’re the racing type looking for a tire to give you maximum grip, exceptional traction, responsive steering, excellent handling, and long-lasting durability in the summers, this is the tire for you. 

Or if you’re just an ordinary driver living in a hot and dry climate area, you may want to consider the G-forces Rivals. Performance in the summers is just unmatchable; you don’t want to be missing out on that.

But if you happen to live in a cold, rainy climate, and looking for a cheap, all-rounder type tire, you’re better off buying something else.

Did you find this review helpful?

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Good luck in finding the best tires for your ride!

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