January 11

General AmeriTrac Review – Are These The Tires For You?

Trying to find the best highway tire to meet your needs?

Looking for more info before making a final choice?

Well if you’re looking for a highway tire that offers decent off-roading capabilities, you might have stumbled on the General AmeriTrac, a unique tire option if you’ve got a unique set of needs.

If you’ve got some questions you need answering, then keep reading our General AmeriTrac review below! I’ve gone into the pros, cons, and key specs you need to know before making a final choice.

Let’s get into it!

The General AmeriTrac Pros and Cons

The General AmeriTrac offers excellent traction in dry weather that will ensure your tires stick to any surface your car is on.

It also has decent off-roading performance. So if you’re looking for a highway tire that will be able to handle uneven surfaces from time to time, then the General AmeriTrac is a great choice for drivers. It has above-average traction and control on rocky surfaces, and even in muddy terrain.

On the downside, while these tires are technically rated all-season, they don’t perform well in the snow and rain, with poor traction compared to other tires in this tire class.

General AmeriTrac Specs 

Type: All-season highway
Designed For: SUVs, Light Trucks, Crossovers
Warranty: 6-year workmanship warranty
Sizes: 17’’
Pros: Excellent traction in dry weatherAbove-average off-roading performanceLow tire noiseAdequate comfort
Cons: Poor performance in rain and snowUnpredictable tread life
Available In: Tirerack (check price)

What Purpose is General AmeriTrac Designed For?

The General AmeriTrac has been designed for drivers looking for tires that perform well on the highway, while also providing decent off-roading performance for the occasional unmarked road.

Unlike usual highway tires that focus solely on comfort and tread-life, these tires combine characteristics of off-roading rubber to produce a versatile tire.

The General AmeriTrac has also been designed with semis and SUVs in mind, being able to support weight to carry or tow any equipment you’re carrying on the highway.

And while these tires are rated all-season, they perform at their best in dry summery conditions, where you’ll get excellent traction on your high-speed highway journeys.

What Weather Does General AmeriTrac Perform Best in?

The General AmeriTrac performs at its best in dry, summery weather, where you’ll get impressive traction and control to support your highway trips.

So if you live down south, or in states such as California, these tires are the perfect fit for your semi or SUV, offering responsiveness that’ll impress.

However, unlike other tires, the General AmeriTrac doesn’t perform well in the rain with a noticeable loss of control.

This makes it a bother if you’re living in a tropical environment, that’s prone to bouts of rain along with sunshine.

Is the General AmeriTrac Good in Snow?

The GeneralAmeriTrac, despite being rated all-weather, performs poorly in cold and wintery conditions, with significant loss of handling and traction.

This means that in areas up north that are prone to snow, you’ll suffer an elevated chance of slippage on icy surfaces.

Heavy snow would likely lead to these tires getting stuck.

So if you’re living in an area that faces even light snow in the winter season, you’ll have to replace these tires when the season rolls around.

Do General AmeriTrac Tires Offer a Smooth Ride?

The General AmeriTrac offers decent comfort that offers a satisfactory ride for the average highway journey.

However, these tires don’t offer as much comfort compared to other tires in the highway category, with the off-roading qualities these tires incorporate contributing to relatively more noise and harshness.

So if you’re willing to overlook the slightly louder tire noise for the off-roading capabilities the General AmeriTrac offers then these are a great choice to go with.

But if you’re looking for supreme comfort on your long highway journeys, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Do General AmeriTrac Tires Last Long?

The General AmeriTrac generally offers above-average tread life, with some drivers even reporting life upwards of 90,000 miles!

However, unpredictability is a con here, with a fair few drivers complaining about the poor tread life they’ve gotten from it.

While differences in tread life are usually down to tire care, the life you get with these tires will depend heavily on the surfaces you’re driving on, with more off-roading leading to a relatively lower life.

But if you’re looking for a tire that’ll give you above-average tread life no matter the conditions you’re driving in, you may want to look elsewhere.

What Vehicles Do General AmeriTrac Tires Fit?

When it comes to rim sizes, the General AmeriTrac is pretty limited, only coming in a size 17’’ rim. However, most SUVs and Semis do support these tires so it’s unlikely you’ll face any sizing issues.

Some vehicles the General AmeriTrac fit include:

  • Dodge Ram
  • Ford F150
  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Toyota Tundra 
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • GMC Sierra

General AmeriTrac Tire Sizes

General AmeriTrac 17’’ Rim Size

  • P255/70R17 110S OWL
  • P265/70R17 113H OWL
  • P265/75R15SL 112S BLK
  • LT235/80R17E1 120R BLK

General AmeriTrac Tire Prices

The General AmeriTrac prices can vary based on the variant you select, but they generally range between $150 to $200, making them an affordable option compared to the costlier tires out there.

What are the General AmeriTrac Reviews Like?

The General AmeriTrac has mostly mixed reviews with drivers having radically different experiences with these tires.

Drivers do tend to praise the dry traction you get with the AmeriTrac, along with the off-roading capabilities you may need to get through unmarked roads.

However, on the flip-side, a common complaint is the poor performance in rain and snow, leading to a significant loss of traction.

Others also complain about the low tread life they’ve gotten, with a lower than average life despite their light driving.

Wrap Up

So there you have it, a complete review of the General AmeriTrac, going over all the common questions drivers have with these tires.

The General AmeriTrac has a lot going for it, with features that can be attractive if you’re looking for highway and off-roading performance.

But the mixed reviews regarding the unpredictable tread life and poor traction in snow and rain is something to consider before making a final choice.

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