November 12

Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Review: All You Need to Know About This All-Season Tire

All-season tires are typically referred to as the jack-of-all-trades of tires. They are versatile but never quite excel at one thing. 

All-season tires usually aren’t made for performance. They are suitable for most drivers but not for aggressive and confident ones. However, tire manufacturers such as Firestone now offer all-season tires that promise performance capabilities. 

Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 is just one of many all-season tires marketed for sports and other performance cars. 

In this Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 review, we will share with you all you need to know about this tire.  

Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Specs

Below table is a quick look at the Firestone Firehawk GTA 03’s specs, pros, cons, sizing, and pricing information:

Designed For:Sports cars, coupes, and performance sedans
Warranty Distance:40,000 miles
Pros:Offers good dry traction
Has decent cornering grip
Cons:Poor traction on snow/ice
Short tread life
Produces loud noise
Available In:Amazon (check price)*product marked as discontinued

Now, let’s dive in!

Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Tire Type

The Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Tire Type is an all-season tire built to last most weather conditions.

Like most all-season tires, It has decent all-weather traction, which means it can be used year-round, except during harsh climates. 

Is the Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Good for Rain and Snow?

As an all-season tire, the Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 is made to offer adequate traction in wet weather, hence, it is safe for use in the rain

The tire features small tread elements that help provide good performance on wet pavement. The small tread pattern on the tire’s inner shoulder help evacuate water and decrease the risk of hydroplaning. 

However, based on limited customer reviews online, wet traction isn’t as good as advertised. 

With regards to performance on snow, some Firehawk GTA 03 owners report that the tire is almost useless in winter. The traction isn’t enough to handle even moderate snow, so you will need to replace them with dedicated winter tires.  

Is the Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Good for Dry Weather?

The Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 is good for dry weather.

The tire is engineered for predictability and precise cornering. It promises high-speed capability and improved handling. 

Its tread pattern is designed such that it varies from shoulder to shoulder. The large blocks on the asymmetrical tread pattern are supposed to increase dry grip and stability.

Based on customer feedback, though, dry traction isn’t nearly as good as it promises. 

Is the Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Quiet?

One of the biggest disappointments you’ll have with the Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 is that it tends to be quite noisy on the road, even when new.

There also isn’t much to brag about regarding comfort.

If you’re looking for tires that will provide you with a smooth ride, it might be best to consider other all-season tires in the market.  

Which Vehicles Fit the Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Tire?

The Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 is designed for drivers of sports cars, sports coupes, and performance sedans. If you want to know whether this tire will fit your car, you can check out the list below.

The following list isn’t exhaustive, though, so keep that in mind. 

  • Buick Encore
  • Chevrolet Camaro, HHR, Trax LT
  • Chrysler Sebring Touring 
  • Dodge Avenger R/T, Caliber R/T, Challenger
  • Fiat 500X Sport, 500X Urbana
  • Ford Mustang  
  • Jeep Compass 
  • Mazda CX-30, Tribute 

Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Tire Sizes

18” Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Sizes 

  • P215/55R18 94T BSW

There isn’t enough data on all the available sizes for Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 from when it was first launched, perhaps because the tire has already been marked as discontinued. Most current vendors only carry the above 18” size, though. It may also be available only in limited quantities.

Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Price

The Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 costs about $150 each, depending on the tire size. 

The Firehawk GTA 03 isn’t exactly expensive, but it isn’t necessarily the cheapest of its kind. 

Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 Warranty and Lifespan

The Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 comes with a five-year or 40,000-mileage tread life warranty and a uniformity guarantee for the first 1/32 inch of tire wear. 

Firestone also offers free replacement during the first three years. Materials and workmanship defects are covered for five years. Firestone provides a prorated amount for the remaining warranted period or until the last 2/32 inch depth of tire wear (check out How to Tell If Your Car Needs a Tire Change.)

The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee during which you can refund or exchange the tires if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

As for the Firehawk GTA 03’s lifespan, the tire has a UTQG (Uniformity Tire Quality Grade) rating of 300, which means that it will last three times as long as a tire graded 100. It also has a traction score of AA, which is the best according to standards. 

On paper, the Firehawk GTA 03 seems like a good-quality tire. However, customers claim that it has a poor tread life and that it wears pretty fast.

There isn’t much data as to how long the tires last, but the good news is that it has quite a generous warranty.  

Conclusion: Should You Get the Firestone Firehawk GTA 03? 

Most all-season tires trade-off performance capabilities. So when the Firestone Firehawk GTA 03 was released with the promise of excellent performance for sports cars and coupes, people had high hopes.

However, the tire does not deliver and is lacking in almost every aspect of its promises. It provides decent dry traction and cornering grip but fails in everything else. The traction on wet surfaces needs to be improved, and you might not want to use the tire on snow.

Firehawk GTA 03 is affordable, but it might not be worth the price. There are many other tires in the market that are much cheaper and better in terms of performance. Also, seeing as there aren’t many customer reviews available online, the tire didn’t do particularly well since its launch.  

In summary, we do not recommend the Firehawk GTA 03.        

But what about you?

If you have experience using these tires, let us know! 

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