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Firestone Destination A/T Review – Is This the Tire for You?

Are you thinking of replacing your tires with the Firestone Destination A/T?

If so, then it’s a good idea to first know a bit more about it. 

This is why, here, we’re going to give you a complete Firestone Destination A/T review. We’ll look at the specs, sizes, pricing, warranty, and more. 

This way, you’ll know if it’s the tire for YOU.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Firestone Destination A/T Specs

Type: On-/Off-Road All-Terrain
Designed For: Jeeps, SUVs, pickup trucks
Warranty Distance: 50,000-mile tread warranty
Sizes: 14” 15” 16” 17” 18” 20”
Pros: Great on- and off-road tractionExceptional steering response Comfortable and quiet ride Tread life longevity
Cons: Poor heavy snow traction 
Available In: Tirerack

Firestone Destination A/T Tire Type

Firestone Destination A/T Review
Source: tirerack.com

The Firestone Destination A/T provides amazing on- and off-road performance. So it’s great for any terrain.

PLUS, the tire boasts flexibility and capability in any weather condition, too. 

As you might expect, this tire is designed for tough vehicles such as jeeps, SUVs, and pickup trucks. 

So if you’re thinking of a heavy-duty tire, the Firestone Destination A/T can deliver just that.

Is the Firestone Destination A/T Good for Rain and Snow?


The Firestone Destination A/T’s tread compound features L.L. Carbon Black to provide improved traction on wet roads. This also increases the tire’s treadwear.

Not only that, but the tire’s circumferential grooves and multiple sipes allow for hydroplaning resistance.

All this, plus the rugged pattern, delivers wet and off-road resistance. 

What’s more, the off-shoulder tread block design enables enhanced snow, ice, and even mud traction. 

However, this tire doesn’t fit well under heavy wintry conditions. It isn’t a winter tire after all. 

Sure, it does perform okay in heavy snow, but it doesn’t have the excellent traction found in winter tires. 

Is the Firestone Destination A/T Good for Dry Weather?

You bet it is!

The Firestone Destination A/T’s center rib provides better steering response and handling on dry roads. You won’t have any difficulty with these tires during the summer. 

One thing you should know, though. While it does provide all-around dry and wet traction, this tire’s strong suit is providing a balance on both on-road and off-road surfaces — not so much wet and dry roads. 

Is the Firestone Destination A/T Quiet?


You can expect reduced road noise when driving with the Firestone Destination A/T. This is thanks to the optimized tread design and noise reduction technology.

The use of Firestone’s Optimized Noise Sequencing and 5-degree noise reduction technology allows the Destination A/T to produce noise-canceling sound waves.

So not only is it great for any terrain, as well as wet and dry weather, it’s very quiet, too. 

Which Vehicles Fit the Firestone Destination A/T?

As we mentioned, the Firestone Destination A/T is designed for the more heavy-duty vehicles. 

Just to give you an idea, here’s a non-exhaustive list of the vehicles that are suited for the Firestone Destination A/T tires: 

  • Cadillac Escalade 
  • Chevrolet Silverado, Colorado, K1500, Trailblazer, Tahoe, Suburban 
  • Dodge Ram, Durango, Dakota 
  • Ford F-150, Ranger, Explorer, Escape, F-250, Expedition 
  • GMC Yukon, Canyon, Sierra, Envoy, Sonoma 
  • Honda Pilot, Element 
  • Hyundai Tucson 
  • Isuzu Trooper 
  • Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Commander 
  • Land Rover Discovery 
  • Nissan Xterra, Titan, Frontier 
  • Mazda B2300 
  • Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, Sequoia

Firestone Destination A/T Sizes

Can the Firestone Destination A/T tires fit your vehicle?

Well, let’s see by looking at all the sizes available. 

14″ Firestone Destination A/T Sizes

  • P225/70R14 98S OWL

15″ Firestone Destination A/T Sizes

  • 30X9.50R15LT 104R OWL
  • 31X10.50R15LT 109R OWL
  • 33X12.50R15LT 108R OWL
  • LT235/75R15 104R OWL
  • P205/75R15 97S OWL
  • P215/75R15 100S OWL
  • P225/70R15 100S OWL
  • P225/75R15 102S OWL
  • P235/70R15 102S OWL
  • P235/75R15 105S OWL
  • P235/75R15 108S XL BL

16″ Firestone Destination A/T Sizes

  • LT245/75R16 108R OWL
  • LT265/75R16 112R OWL
  • LT285/75R16 126R OWL
  • LT305/70R16 124R OWL
  • LT315/75R16 127R OWL
  • P235/70R16 104S OWL
  • P235/75R16 106S OWL
  • P235/75R16 106S BL
  • P245/70R16 106S OWL
  • P245/75R16 109S OWL
  • P255/70R16 109S OWL
  • P265/70R16 111S OWL
  • P265/75R16 114S OWL

17″ Firestone Destination A/T Sizes

  • LT255/75R17 111R OWL
  • LT275/70R17 114R OWL
  • LT285/70R17 121R OWL
  • LT315/70R17 121R OWL
  • P235/65R17 103T OWL
  • P235/75R17 108S OWL
  • P245/65R17 105S OWL
  • P245/70R17 108S OWL
  • P245/75R17 110S OWL
  • P255/65R17 108S OWL
  • P255/70R17 110S OWL
  • P255/75R17 113S OWL
  • P265/65R17 110T OWL
  • P265/70R17 113S OWL
  • P285/70R17 117T OWL

18″ Firestone Destination A/T Sizes

  • LT275/65R18 113S OWL
  • LT325/65R18 127R BL
  • P255/70R18 112S OWL
  • P265/60R18 109T OWL
  • P265/65R18 112S OWL
  • P275/65R18 114T OWL

20″ Firestone Destination A/T Sizes

  • P275/55R20 111S OWL
  • P275/60R20 114S OWL

Firestone Destination A/T Price

For such a heavy-duty tire, you could say the Firestone Destination A/T is affordable. Or at least, it is reasonably priced for what it offers. 

The starting price is around $102. It can go a lot higher, depending on the size. 

However, you can find rebates, discounted prices, and special coupons and offers to get better deals with this tire.

Firestone Destination A/T Warranty

Not satisfied with the Firestone Destination A/T?

You can get an exclusive 30-day buy-and-try guarantee offered by Firestone. This allows you to ask for a refund or exchange your tires if you are not happy with your purchase.

Besides that, the Destination A/T also has a 5-year or 50,000-mile tread warranty for models with P-Metric and Euro Metric sizes. 

The materials and workmanship warranty cover 5 years, which also includes a FREE replacement during the first 3 years. Moreover, a prorated amount is provided for the remaining period or the final 2/32 inches of tread depth. 

What People Are Saying About the Firestone Destination A/T 

The Firestone Destination A/T seems to be well-loved. According to customer reviews from Tirerack, the tire garnered an average score of 4.33 out of 5 stars from 1,396 reviews.

City driving with occasional off-road driving from the Destination A/T works like magic. Some users even said they plan on buying this tire again when necessary.

What’s more, people mention that the Destination A/T has strong treadwear life and performance, even when being driven in light snow conditions.

Highway driving will give you a smooth and quiet ride. This is one of the reasons why customers have given these tires a good word. 

Should You Get the Firestone Destination A/T?

And that was your complete Firestone Destination A/T review. 

You now know where this tire excels and where it lacks. 

So if you plan on driving in the city with some off-road journeys on the side, then you’ll love this tire. 

However, if you plan on driving it through thick snow, know that it doesn’t have the best performance. 

The overall ride comfort and reduced noise are definitely a major plus with this tire. For an all-terrain tire, it sizes up within the ranks of a highway touring tire.

Sure, all that’s great. 

But is it the tire for YOU?

Only you can answer that. And with this review, you can now make an informed decision.

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