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Comparing The Top DMV Approved Online Traffic Schools In California

There’s no state quite like California in the USA. New York may have the nation’s traditional financial center, but when it comes to technology, entertainment, lifestyle, social progress, weather, and even sheer beauty, California is where it’s at. From the Red Woods and vistas of the bay of San Francisco in Northern California to the retro gas stations and the sight of the sand and beaches of Venice Beach in Southern California, this is a great place to live.

And no matter which part of California you live in, whether it’s north, south, on the coast or the in the interior, there’s one thing that doesn’t change. Personally and professionally, this is a state that gives you a lot more room to grow if you can go where you please. Public transportation accessibility varies from one city or town to the next, but with your own car to take you where you need to go your, options are considerable.

That’s why having a car and the license to drive it is so important for your social and professional growth in California.

And if you want to make the most of your driving experience—or even just ensure you continue to have access to it—you’ll probably want to consider going to a DMV-approved online traffic school in California.

But why? What is it? Let’s find out.

The 4 Best California Online Traffic Schools

How Traffic School Works

Some people might have learned how to drive by just practicing with a friend or relative. Others might have formally learned to drive in classes available in high school, or by going with the services provided by a professional driving school. That makes it easy to believe that traffic school will simply be more of the same, but there’s a pretty big distinction between how these two types of schools work.

A driving school teaches people the fundamental mechanics of driving, as well as the basic rules of driving behavior, such as what to do at traffic lights, and what the traffic signals on traffic lights indicate. However, something like a DMV approved online traffic school in California assumes you’ve got the basics down, and are looking to enrich yourself with more about traffic law, as well as more advanced knowledge, such as defensive driving techniques.

Perks & Conveniences Of Online Traffic School In California

What going to a DMV approved online traffic school in California can do for you is make some things easier. New drivers that are still learning get a chance to develop some good driving habits that will serve them well. And even if you’re an older, more established driver, proof of attending a DMV approved online traffic school in California can get you a discount on your insurance premiums. It’s been statistically proven that people who attend a traffic school and take those lessons to heart get into fewer accidents, so some insurance companies will reward that extra effort with better insurance rates. And for people who have gotten into a bit of trouble with the police and been issued tickets and points for moving violations, a DMV approved online traffic school in California can get those points erased from the driving record once proof of completion has been provided.

The other great thing about attending a DMV approved online traffic school in California is that the digital and online format of these schools is a far more convenient way to study. Instead of having to find a physical school that you can commute to, and then create some time in your personal schedule to take classes during the day or evening, just take the online version. You get the same material, but now you can study at your own pace, whether that’s a concerted effort in one weekend, or an hour a day in the mornings before work.

It’s important to note however that you need to make sure the school you’re looking at is an actual DMV approved online traffic school in California. There are plenty of online schools out there, but not all of them teach the materials required by California traffic law if you want to get the insurance discount, or the points deducted from your record, you need that DMV approval. So which one should you go to? We have a few schools we’ve rated very highly, and we think they’re worth looking at.

An Online Traffic School With Comedy & Quality

It’s a more recent DMV-approved online traffic school in California, but it’s one that’s been getting rave reviews from both customers and from reviewers like us. Improv Traffic School is based in Los Angeles, and it has a unique approach. The school has collaborated with professional comedians drawn from the stand-up comic scene of Los Angeles, and let them present the ordinarily dry material of traffic law in their own unique, humorous way.

The material is presented in the form of videos and other interactive elements that keep things lively. So while this is a bit more time intensive, it’s one DMV approved online traffic school in California that will keep you entertained. That may be important for people worried about not being able to retain dull information.

A Faster Online Traffic School

Another DMV approved online traffic school in California that we rate pretty highly is The material here is a bit drier in presentation, and it’s available in text for people that prefer to quickly read through the lessons as quickly as possible. That means for people who have strong traditional studying and retention skills, you may be able to finish this course in as little as a day.

This DMV-approved online traffic school in California has over 15 years of experience in teaching, which is reinforced with a positive Better Business Bureau rating for even more peace of mind. They also have a great “try before you buy” policy that lets you try out the first 20% of the course for free to see if you like it before committing to the full lesson.

The Classic Online Traffic School

Finally, there’s, which is a DMV approved online traffic school in California that we’ve been recommending for years, and we don’t see any reason to change our estimation of it as one of the top-rated schools in California. They’re one of the oldest, most successful schools around, having been in operation since 1998.

On top of that, they’ve got the reputation and the choices that you’re looking for. An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is a real vote of confidence in their favor. They offer their courses in both video format as well as text format, giving people more choice. While they’re not as funny as other schools, the quality of their teaching is top-notch, and we confidently endorse them.

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