November 25

Cooper Trendsetter SE Review – Is This Tire for You?

Want to give your vehicle a retro look?

Then the Cooper Trendsetter SE can do just that. 

And it’s not just about the looks. 

The Trendsetter SE is a great all-season tire that comes with a budget-friendly price. 

But is it the tire for YOU?

We’ll help you answer that with this Cooper Trendsetter SE review. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know, so you can make a knowledgeable decision. 

Let’s get reviewing! 

Cooper Trendsetter SE Specs 

Here is what we’ll be covering today. 

Type:Passenger All-Season
Designed For:Coupes, sedans, and minivans
Warranty Distance:5-year or 40,000-mile tread warranty
Sizes:13” 14” 15” 16”
Pros:*Excellent dry traction and handling
*Ride comfort
*Reduced road noise
*Above average tread life
Cons:Wet traction could be better
Available In:Walmart (check price)

Cooper Trendsetter SE Tire Type

Cooper Trendsetter SE All-Season

The Cooper Trendsetter SE is a passenger, all-season tire. And because it sports a classic look, it will be great on older vehicles. 

But there’s nothing “old” about these tires. 

Its Dual Compound Tread is supported by a highly resilient base compound. Working together, this delivers excellent durability and low rolling resistance.

As an all-season tire, you might want to know what you can expect from it through the different weather conditions. Well, let’s take a look. 

Is the Cooper Trendsetter SE Good for Rain and Snow?

The Cooper Trendsetter SE’s three-rib design and squared tread elements add more grip and bite on wet and snowy roads. This also increases hydroplaning resistance and enhances snow, slush, and even ice traction.

However, we’re talking about light rain and snow. 

When it starts to pour or when the snow is very thick, the performance is average at best, which is a bit disappointing because of its great technology. 

So if you live in rainy or snow-heavy areas, then it might not be the best choice of tires. 

Is the Cooper Trendsetter SE Good for Dry Weather?

The Cooper Trendsetter SE shines in dry weather. Its lateral slots in the shoulder ensure excellent traction throughout the tire’s lifespan. 

Handling and cornering are not a problem either.

Despite that, however, this tire isn’t made for performance driving. Aggressive driving on dry pavements might wear it down quicker. 

But for normal, everyday drivers, you shouldn’t have to worry. 

Is the Cooper Trendsetter SE Quiet?

The Cooper Trendsetter SE features a computer-designed variable pitch tread sequence. This sequence is found between the circumferential grooves to minimize tire noise.

And with reduced noise, this produces better ride comfort while driving your vehicle at highway speeds. 

Which Vehicles Fit the Cooper Trendsetter SE?

Can your vehicle fit the Cooper Trendsetter SE?

Let’s go over a few vehicles that can fit these tires: 

  • Buick Roadmaster  
  • Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu, Colorado, Astro, C1500, Cavalier  
  • Dodge Avenger  
  • Ford Fusion  
  • Honda Accord, Civic  
  • Hyundai Sonata  
  • Jeep Cherokee  
  • Nissan Altima  
  • Toyota Camry, Corolla, 4Runner  
  • Volkswagen Jetta  

Is your vehicle not on the list? Don’t worry, you can always check out the tire sizes. 


Here is a complete list of the available tire sizes for the Cooper Trendsetter SE.

13″ Cooper Trendsetter SE Sizes

  • P155/80R13 79S BLK
  • P175/70R13 82S BLK
  • P185/70R13 85S BLK

14″ Cooper Trendsetter SE Sizes

  • P185/75R14 89S BLK
  • P195/75R14 92S BLK
  • P205/75R14 95S BLK
  • P175/70R14 84S BLK
  • P185/70R14 87S BLK
  • P195/70R14 90S BLK
  • P205/70R14 93S BLK
  • P215/70R14 96S BLK
  • P175/65R14 81S BLK
  • P185/65R14 85S BLK

15″ Cooper Trendsetter SE Sizes

  • P205/75R15 97S WSW
  • P215/75R15 100S WSW
  • P225/75R15 102S BLK
  • P235/75R15 105S WSW
  • P205/70R15 95S WSW
  • P205/70R15 95S BLK
  • P215/70R15 97S WSW
  • P225/70R15 100S BLK
  • P195/65R15 89S BLK
  • P205/65R15 92S BLK
  • P215/65R15 95S BLK

16″ Cooper Trendsetter SE Sizes

  • P215/60R16 94S BLK
  • P225/60R16 97S BLK
  • P205/55R16 89S BLK

Cooper Trendsetter SE Price

You’ll be happy to know that the Cooper Trendsetter SE is affordable. You don’t need to break the bank to get these classics. 

For smaller sizes, you can get them for below $100. As for the bigger ones, you’ll have to spend a bit more, around $150 to $250. 

Still, that’s already very affordable!

The even better news is that you can easily find it at a discounted price. 


Say you’re not so sure about the tire yet. Well, Cooper offers a 45-day road test guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can have it exchanged for another tire.

It doesn’t end there. 

Cooper also offers a 5-year or 40,000-mile tread life warranty. The tire uniformity is also covered for the first 2/32 inches of wear.

Meanwhile, the materials & workmanship warranty is covered for 5 years. 

To be sure, you get a lot of awesome deals with these tires. And who wouldn’t want that?  

What People are Saying About the Cooper Trendsetter SE

Based on 11 rated reviews on, the Cooper Trendsetter SE has a score of 3.6 out of 5 stars.

Users have commented that the tire sports improved handling, reduced noise, and overall great traction. The classic look was also an added bonus for older vehicles.

As for downsides, users commented that the wet traction could be better. 

So while there might be better options, getting the Cooper Trendsetter SE won’t be much of a worry.

Should You Get the Cooper Trendsetter SE?

Great looks. Great dry traction. Great ride comfort. Great prices. Great warranties. 

Overall, the Cooper Trendsetter SE is a GREAT tire. 

If it doesn’t fit your needs, then we suggest looking for an alternative. There are many other tires out there. 

But if it does, then why not give it a go? We can say with confidence that you won’t regret it. 

So that was your complete Cooper Trendsetter SE review. We hope that this has helped you make a good decision on which tires to get. 

Happy buying!

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