June 15

Continental ProContact TX Review – Should You Get This Tire?

Are you wondering if the all-season Continental ProContact TX is worth your money?

Do you want to know how well it performs on dry and wet surfaces?

Does the tire even fit your vehicle?

We’re going to answer all that and more in this Continental ProContact TX review. 

With this, you’ll be able to determine if you should get this tire or not. 

So shall we?

Continental ProContact TX Specs

Let’s begin with a quick overview of the specs of the Continental ProContact TX:

Type:All-season touring
Designed For:Passenger cars
Warranty Distance:65,000 miles (S and T speed ratings)
60,000 miles (H speed ratings)
55,000 miles (V speed ratings)
50,000 miles (W speed ratings)
Sizes:15” 16” 17” 18” 19” 20” 21”
Pros:Impressive dry and wet traction
Excellent tread warranty
Lowered fuel usage
Accurate steering response
Value for money
Cons:Ice and snow traction can be improved
Inconsistent mileage
Available In:Tirerack (check price

Let’s get into the specifics…

Continental ProContact TX Type

Continental ProContact TX Review

As an all-season touring tire, the Continental ProContact TX offers outstanding performance throughout the year.

The reason is that the tire’s tread design and compound are specifically engineered for all-season performance.

It features a symmetric ribbed tread pattern with detailed siping. This enhances grip on dry and wet surfaces. 

But just how well does it perform in different weather conditions?

Let’s find out…

Is the Continental ProContact TX Good for Rain and Snow?

The Continental ProContact TX is a good choice for rainy conditions — but not so much snowy ones. 

The circumferential grooves effectively prevent hydroplaning. 

This is because it disperses water from the tire, maintaining constant contact with the road surface. 

This feature ensures improved traction and power in wet conditions.

Not to mention, the braking grip on wet surfaces is impressive! 

That said, the tires don’t perform too well in heavy snow. 

But that’s common for most all-season tires. 

They usually can’t compete with an actual winter tire. 

Is the Continental ProContact TX Good for Dry Weather?

Yes! The Continental ProContact TX excels in dry weather.

The tire’s symmetric ribbed tread pattern guarantees a strong grip and traction throughout.

The tread design optimizes surface contact, too. 

And this allows for crisp steering response and enhanced driving stability. 

Expect responsive steering and control with the Continental ProContact TX.

The best part is that the ProContact TX’s tread design helps minimize rolling resistance, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. 

This is great in dry weather conditions when you want to optimize your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Is the Continental ProContact TX Quiet?


The ProContact TX prioritizes driving comfort more than anything else. 

Its tread pattern is engineered to reduce noise to provide a quiet and enjoyable ride. 

Furthermore, the special cushion compound absorbs shocks. This reduces vibrations felt inside the vehicle.

So if driving comfort and quietness is a big deal for you, you’ll definitely love this feature of the Continental ProContact TX.

Which Vehicles Fit the Continental ProContact TX?

The Continental ProContact TX is suitable for passenger and crossover cars, including, but not limited to:

  • Audi A7 Quattro TDI Progressiv, TDI Technik, Technik, Audi S7, Premium Plus, Prestige
  • BMW M5, M6, M6 Gran Coupe
  • Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium, GT, GT 50 Years Limited Edition
  • Jaguar F-Type, F-Type 400 Sport, R-Dynamic, SVR
  • Jaguar XE SV Project, XFR-S, XJR, XJR L, XJR575
  • Lexus LFA
  • Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S 4Matic
  • Porsche 911 GT2 RS, GT3 RS, 9

Is your car not on the list?

Don’t worry — you can check the tire sizes to see if it fits!


Another great thing about the Continental ProContact TX is that it comes in many different sizes, from 15” to 21”.

Let’s give you all the sizes and specifications.

15” Continental ProContact TX Tire Sizes

  • 165/65R1581T
  • 185/60R1584T
  • 185/60R1584T
  • 185/65R1588H
  • 195/65R1591H
  • 195/65R1591H
  • 195/65R1591H

16” Continental ProContact TX Tire Sizes

  • 185/50R1681H
  • 205/45R1683H
  • P205/55R1689V
  • 205/55R1691V
  • 205/55R1691H
  • 205/60R1692H
  • 215/55R1697H
  • 215/60R1695T
  • 215/60R1695H

17” Continental ProContact TX Tire Sizes

  • 205/45R1788V
  • 205/55R1791H
  • 215/50R1791H
  • 215/55R1794V
  • 215/55R1794V
  • 215/55R1794H
  • 215/60R1796H
  • 215/65R1799H
  • 215/65R1799H
  • 225/45R1791W
  • 225/45R1791H
  • 225/45R1791H
  • 225/50R1794H
  • 225/60R1799H
  • 225/65R17102H

18” Continental ProContact TX Tire Sizes

  • 215/55R1895H
  • 225/40R1892H
  • 225/40R1892H
  • 225/45R1895H
  • 225/50R1895V
  • 225/50R1895V
  • 225/55R1898H
  • 225/60R18100H
  • 235/45R1898H
  • 235/45R1894H
  • 235/50R1897V
  • 235/50R1897V
  • 235/55R18100H
  • 235/55R18100H
  • 235/60R18103H
  • 235/60R18103V
  • 245/40R1893H
  • 245/45R18100H
  • 245/45R1896H
  • 245/45R1896V
  • 245/45R1896V
  • 245/45R1896H
  • 245/45R18100H
  • 245/45R1896H
  • 245/45R18100V
  • 255/55R18105V

19” Continental ProContact TX Tire Sizes

  • 235/45R1995H
  • 235/50R1999H
  • 235/50R1999H
  • 235/55R19101V
  • 245/40R1994W
  • 245/40R1994H
  • 245/40R1994W
  • 245/45R1998W
  • 245/45R1998H
  • 245/45R19102H
  • 255/45R19100H
  • 255/50R19103V
  • 255/55R19111V
  • 275/35R1996W
  • 275/40R19101W
  • 275/50R19112V
  • 275/50R19112V

20” Continental ProContact TX Tire Sizes

  • 245/35R2095H
  • 245/45R20103H
  • 245/45R2099H
  • 255/40R20101H
  • 265/35R2099H

21” Continental ProContact TX Tire Sizes

  • 285/40R21109V
  • 315/35R21111V


The Continental ProContact TX is available at prices starting from around $115 and up to $350, depending on the size and speed rating.

Of course, you can check out your local tire dealers for rebates, discounted prices, coupons, and special offers on this tire.

Or, you can go online and check the prices available there. 

Warranty and Lifespan

The Continental ProContact TX comes with a warranty that covers the tread life of the tire. 

The specific warranty mileage varies depending on the speed rating of the tire:

  • 65,000 miles (S and T speed ratings)
  • 60,000 miles (H speed ratings)
  • 55,000 miles (V speed ratings)
  • 50,000 miles (W speed ratings)

The warranty also includes a road hazard warranty for one year, as well as a tread life warranty and workmanship warranty for 6 years each.

However, the warranty is often linked to mileage and wear.

In some cases, the tread life warranty may expire when the tire is nearing the end of its lifespan. 

But if you follow proper tire maintenance and rotation practices, you can expect a tire that offers durability and reliable performance throughout its lifespan.

Should You Get the Continental ProContact TX?

With this Continental ProContact TX review, you now have a clearer picture of the tire. 

And this will help you make an informed decision. 

Still can’t decide?

Choosing the perfect tire for your vehicle depends on your needs and priorities. 

However, when we look at the overall performance on all road conditions along with its driving comfort and fuel efficiency, the Continental ProContact TX is a well-rounded option. 

So we’d say it’s a great choice!

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