January 21

Best Tires for Mercedes C300 – The Top 5 Choices

Looking for new tires for your Mercedes C300? 

We’ve got you covered. 

Today, we’re taking a look at all the best tires for the Mercedes C300. We’ll look at:

  • The 5 best tires for the Mercedes C300
  • How to pick the best tires for your respective lifestyles
  • Why you should change your tires (and how often you should change them)
  • And a whole lot more!

What are you waiting for? Let’s jump in!

Best Tires for Mercedes C300: The Top 5 Based on Rating 

Seeking the “best” tire for your Mercedes C300 can be a little bit subjective. 

There isn’t a definite “perfect” tire, as the wide variety of tires meets a wide variety of needs.

Are you more on splurging on the more premium tires or are you on the budget? Do you drive your Mercedes C300 heavily in snowy conditions? Or maybe you’re just looking for the best all-season tire?

On this list, we’ve narrowed down the five “best” tires for the Mercedes C300 for a variety of different needs. 

Best for Convenience: Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP

Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP

Source: tirerack.com

For your convenience, why replace the Mercedes C300’s original equipment tires?

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the original.

Michelin’s Primacy MXM4 ZP is a Grand Touring All-Season run-flat tire best suited for the C300 when new.

You’ll need not to worry about these tires’ fit.

These tires are capable of giving their best in dry and wet conditions.

The C300 tires come with three sizes of wheels: 17-inch, 18-inch, and 19-inch wheels.

Best for Rain and Snow – Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Source: tirerack.com

Bridgestone’s Blizzak WS90 tires are perfect to face difficult winter weather, always bringing their A-game.

Delivering a more responsive steering on top of the improved wear life, these tires increase ice traction and reduce braking distances in slippery conditions.

The tires come in 14-19 inch sizes, fitting your 17-19 inch wheels.

It’s safe to say that the Blizzak WS90 are the perfect winter tires for your C300.

Best for Budget – Riken Raptor ZR A/S

Source: tirerack.com

Probably the most budget-friendly set of tires for your C300 is the Riken Raptor ZR A/S, which costs roughly $103 per tire.

It’s also the safest bet if your C300’s original equipment tires have already worn out.

They come in 15-20 inch sizes.

Riken’s Ultra High-Performance All-Season tire was developed for sporty coupes and sedans like the C300. It’s also capable of handling inclement weather and even light snow. 

You’ll get the most out of these budget tires.

Best Moderately Priced – Vredestein Hypertrac All Season

Source: tirerack.com

If you’re looking into tires that are not too expensive and not too cheap, then the moderate range will be good enough for you.

Slightly more expensive than the Riken Raptor ZR A/S, the Hypertrac All Season from Vredestein can handle dry, wet, and even light snow conditions.

They’re not necessarily of high performance. But these tires have a year-round performance with wider outboard tread elements for much quicker steering response and easy dry handling. 

They come in 16-20 inch sizes and will surely fit your 17-19 inch wheels. 

Best for High-Tier Tires – Michelin CrossClimate²

Source: tirerack.com

The CrossClimate² is more or less the king of the mountain when it comes to premium tires.

Michelin offers a top-of-the-line and perfect one-tire solution for drivers in environments that experience all four seasons, even meeting severe snow service requirements.

For the price of $187 per tire, they come in sizes 16-20. So, it’s not a problem to get these for your 17-19 inch wheels.

The tire’s snow performance is further enhanced by Michelin’s Thermal Adaptive all-season tread compound. Rest assured, you’ll get your money’s worth with the CrossClimate².

Here’s a quick wrap-up of the best C300 tires per category:

Best for Convenience Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP
Best for Rain and Snow Bridgestone Blizzak WS90
Best for Budget Riken Raptor ZR A/S
Best Moderately Priced Vredestein Hypertrac All Season
Best High-Tier Michelin CrossClimate²

Mercedes C300 Tire Sizing Guide

The Mercedes C300 comes in two possible size variations during production: 17-inch and 18-inch factory tire sizes.

However, you can opt for alternative tires as listed above since 17-20 inch tires will still fit your latest model of the C300.

To help you further in choosing the right size, be sure to check out Tirerack’s size guide on the latest 2023 model of the C300.

How To Pick The Best Tires For Your Mercedes C300?

As far as different lifestyles go, the best set of tires will still be determined by YOU.

For starters, if you’re looking to not hassle yourself, why replace your originals?

The Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP wouldn’t give you any worries for its best comfort and fit. It’s capable of the basic necessity of dry and wet tractions.

But if you’re a winter junkie, the Blizzak WS90 won’t disappoint. It’s perfect for your snowy getaway needs, best for slippery conditions and weathering the cold. 

For those on a tight budget, we hear you. Riken Raptor ZR A/S is perfect if you’re planning to change your tires and not spend too much. Get your money’s worth with these budget tires. 

If you can spend a bit more, then the Vredestein Hypertrac All-Season is the best way to go in the moderately priced range. Something to bump up with its year-round performance.

But hey, if you’re going all in, the Michelin CrossClimate² will give you the cream of the crop for it being a driver’s perfect one-tire solution for all four seasons. 

You may be spending more with these, but you’re gaining more while you’re at it.

Wrap Up

If you’ve gone this far, you may still be wondering which set of tires best suit your lifestyle.

Honestly, it’s still up to YOU to decide.

We’re just here to give you what we think are the best options for specific types of the C300’s needs.

The top five tire picks for your Mercedes C300 will give you a much-needed boost in getting the best tires.

Have you driven around with one of these tires? 

Share your experiences below in the comments!

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