September 9

Best Tire For Subaru WRX – The Top 5 Choices

If you are looking for tires that suit your turbo-charged Subaru WRX, you’re in luck.

Here, you will find some of the best tires for the Subaru WRX. 

Since not all tires are made equal, we segregate them by categories such as the best for environmental variables and budget tiers. We also include the best default tires from its manufacturer, Subaru. 

With this, you’re sure to find a tire that fits your needs and preferences. 

If you’re looking to make a quick buy, you can check out the table below.

That said, we recommend you take time to assess each tire and its descriptions. It’s always best to make an informed decision before committing to any one of them.

So let’s get right into it. 

What Are The Best Tires for the Subaru WRX?

Here is a table of the 5 best tires for the Subaru WRX, depending on environment variables, budget, and convenience.

Best for Convenience: Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105
Best for Rain and Snow: Bridgestone Blizzak WS90
Best for Budget: Riken Raptor ZR A/S
Best for Moderately Priced: Cooper Zeon RS3-G1
Best for High-Tier: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 

Let’s see how each tire performs. 

Best for Convenience: Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105

Since its partnership with Yokohama, Subaru has equipped its WRX with durable and reliable tires. 

The Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105 is among the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the Subaru WRX. This is why we say it’s the best for convenience. 

The tire’s versatility integrates a solid grip into a lightweight build. This combination gives tire agility that suits sports cars like the WRX. 

What’s more, the ADVAN Sport V105 delivers durability through its robust materials. 

Yokohama designs its tires with proprietary raw materials and recycled rubber blends. 

Its recycled rubbers are procured through pulverizing waste tires. 

Yokohama then compounds its powdered form into new materials to incorporate into new tires.

You can opt for these tires, but you have to get one that fits the size and model of your WRX. 

We’ll cover the different sizes more closely below, but generally speaking, you will have to choose between three variables: 17, 18, and 19 inches.

Best for Rain and Snow: Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 

If you live in a colder climate, you will need a tire to withstand rain and snow.

Now, Subaru’s factory-equipped tires are sufficient for the WRX’s capabilities in normal road conditions. However, snowy or icy roads are a different ball game. 

This is why, for this case, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 is a great pick.


Its detailed multidirectional pattern, with a deeper tread, grips frosty surfaces better than any tire. 

Some ties are susceptible to freezing, especially when it is parked in place. 

The Blizzak WS90, on the other hand, is resistant to all that — although not immune. 

No tire is immune to subzero temperatures for too long, but you can rely on the Blizzak WS90 to last a lot longer. 

Its robust material also holds its own against the WRX’s velocity. It can keep up with the pace and deliver forceful stops when needed. 

Best for Budget: Riken Raptor ZR A/S

Now, we don’t support thrifty buys. However, more budget-friendly options can still deliver top-quality performance.

The Riken Raptor ZR A/S is a dependable yet affordable solution for different seasons. Riken is known for its quality, but is even better known for its cost-efficiency. 

The tire isn’t as adept in snowy conditions, but it can hold up against light snow. 

It isn’t as lightweight as other name brands, but the treading is as effective. It is made with equally robust materials.

With inward arrows that have adequate depth, its grip delivers sufficient stopping force. 

Now, we don’t recommend you use it on harsh terrains, but the Riken Raptor holds up against potholes and slippery slopes on the road. 

Unfortunately, it is only 15-18 inches, limiting its availability to some WRX models. We can assure you it’s compatible with most base, limited, and premium Subaru WRX units. 

Best for Moderately Priced: Cooper Zeon RS3-G1

The Cooper Zeon RS3-G1’s price point is a tier higher than the Riken. 

It isn’t as expensive as other industry giants, but you will know you’re paying for quality.

The RS3-G1 is sports proficient, featuring the necessary grasp and versatility to withstand a sports car’s speed and shift range. 

Its tread features unusual patterns. This detailed pattern is engineered to manage wet and dry grip adequately. 

What’s more, the steering response is commendable for its price. Plus, its treading doesn’t wear out easily.

As for the shallow treading, this delivers ride comfort and quietness. 

Its diverse size options allow you to choose these tires for various WRX models. 

Best for High-Tier: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

The critically acclaimed Michelin Pilot Sport 4S delivers a powerhouse performance. 

It is a sophisticated combination of lightweight, intricate patterns, and robust materials. 

It is specifically built to last through the average wear and tear. 

Users can see its promise for longevity in the depth and intricacy of its treading. 

Michelin tires are known to endure up to 20,000 miles more than its competitors, lasting up to 85,000 miles. 

Its wet and dry grip is very dependable. Plus, it can work well in rough terrain, too. That’s due in part to its deeper treading. 

You’ll need to pay a top-tier price for the great addition to your Subaru WRX. 

Don’t worry, you’ll surely get what you paid for – a high-tier tire for a high-tier price point. 

Subaru WRX Tire Sizing Guide

Various sizes fit the different models of the WRX. 

The Subaru WRX’s rim size varies from 17”, 18”, and 19”. As a standard, the base unit comes with 17” rims. Some limited and premium editions come with 18”. The WRX STI base, limited, and premium models come with 19” rims. 

Here’s what you need to know about the tire-to-rim ratio. 

The inches indicated on tires are equivalent to the rim’s diameter. There are corresponding tire sizes for rims because tires are made to custom-fit rims. So while you can put 18” tires on 17” rims, it’s inadvisable.

The equivalent tire size for 17” rims are 235/45-17. For 18” rims, it’s 245/40-18, and for 19” rims, it’s 245/35-19. 

Here, we will discuss the size options and availability of the tires listed in this article.  

  • Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105
    • Availability: Base, Limited, Premium, STI.
  • Bridgestone Blizzak WS90
    • Availability: Base, Limited, Premium, STI.
  • Riken Raptor ZR A/S
    • Base, Limited, Premium
  • Cooper Zeon RS3-G1
    • Base, Limited, Premium, STI.
  • Michelin Pilot 4 S
    • Base, Limited, Premium, STI.

How to Pick Tires for Subaru WRX

Want to look into other tires that are not on this list?

Then here are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking for a tire for your Subaru WRX. 


Some take one look at tires and think it’s all in the design. It isn’t how big your tires are or how robust their texture may seem. 

A tire’s performance is found in its treading. A good tread can determine your driving experience. 

Its depth and detailing tell you how well it will hold up against varying road conditions. With a sports car like the Subaru WRX, you need tires with intricate patterns and adequate depth. 


In practical terms, you don’t want to keep trading in your tires for new ones. The key to longevity has always been a tire’s durability. 

Materials that can endure shifts in speed grant tires a longer lifespan. Cheaper tires might look great, but low-quality rubber can only withstand so much. 

Don’t be fooled by tires with intricate treading, too. If its blend of materials isn’t reliable, your tires will likely succumb to wear and tear more quickly. 


Here is a summary of the best tires for the Subaru WRX:

Best for Convenience: Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105
Best for Rain and Snow: Bridgestone Blizzak WS90
Best for Budget: Riken Raptor ZR A/S
Best for Moderately Priced: Cooper Zeon RS3-G1
Best for High-Tier: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and make your pick. 

Choose the tire that will fit your budget, needs, and preferences. 

And if you want to look into more tires, then keep in mind our sizing guide and tips on how to pick tires. 

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