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5 Tips To Pass Your Driver’s Permit Exam On The First Try

Driver's Permit Exam

If you are getting ready to take your driver’s permit exam to get your driving permit, you are probably starting to get nervous. Getting your driver’s license can be a long and tedious process, but it all starts with the learner’s permit. Until you have that permit in hand, you will not be able to start driving and work on your driving skills.

While it is easy to be intimidated by the whole permit process, you do not have to let it get to you. With the right preparation and planning, you can ace all the questions and pass the test with flying colors your first time out.

Taking Drivers Ed? Skip The Classroom & Take It Online!

#1. Use Sound Study Habits

It is tempting to cram for your permit exam, but sound study habits will serve you better in the long run. Cramming for the exam and reading and rereading the driver’s manual may help your short-term memory, but these techniques will do nothing to help you retain the information for the test.

Never wait until the day before the exam to start studying. You should be studying the manual a little bit every day. Looking at that thick set of rules and regulations can be daunting, but breaking the task down into more manageable chunks will help a lot. If you think it will take you a week to read the manual cover to cover, break the task down into days and set bookmarks to keep you on track. This technique will make studying easier and more productive.

#2. Know What the Test is Like

The process for administering the written permit exam varies from state to state. Be sure to research the testing process in your state before you sit for the actual exam.

Many state DMVs use computer terminals or electronic exams to test their new drivers, while others rely on printed testing materials. Knowing what to expect will give you more confidence and help you relax on testing day.

#3. Learn from Your Mistakes

Practicing the test questions with a friend or family member is one of the best ways to learn. It is also the best way to identify your weak points and gaps in your knowledge of state traffic laws.

Each time you practice the test, ask your friend to flag the questions you get wrong. Make those questions the focus of your next learning session, and keep practicing until you can ace every question. Knowing the traffic laws inside and out will give you the confidence you need to pass the actual test with flying colors.

#4. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is good for your body and your mind. Eating healthy will help you feel more refreshed and less stressed, so include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Supplement those fruits and vegetables with delicious whole grains, lean meats and dairy products.

Be sure to get plenty of sleep in the weeks leading up to the permit exam. A lack of sleep could leave you feel groggy and unwell on the day of the test, and that could hurt your chances of passing and getting your permit.

#5. Reduce Your Anxiety

Nothing will kill your chances of passing the test as much as nerves. Being nervous on test day will throw off your concentration and can lead to inadvertent mistakes on the questions.

If you meditate or use formal relaxation techniques, now is the time to use them. If not, take deep breaths, close your eyes and visualize yourself passing the test and walking out with your permit in hand.

Getting your learner’s permit gives you the freedom to drive and practice your skills. The state has a vested interest in making sure its new drivers have the knowledge they need to be safe behind the wheel, and the testing process is designed for that purpose. From knowing what to expect to practicing the questions and answers, the right preparation can help you get that coveted permit and get behind the wheel.

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Online Drivers Ed Course Reviews

More and more students are now able to undertake drivers ed courses online as an increasing number of states have given their approval for such courses. This option is a very good one and the way to go for drivers ed. If you think about it, having online drivers ed courses is actually a more effective way of educating students in this area, compared to being in a classroom where plain lectures aren’t very engaging or work as well for learning about driving. Just as driving is a practical and visual experience, the learning process should be visual and interactive – and this can be achieved through online platforms. Here we’ll give you a review of some of the most popular online drivers ed courses that are available for you to choose from. While there are plenty out there, it’s good to choose from courses that have a good reputation and you can count on to get a good drivers ed experience.

Taking Drivers Ed? Skip The Classroom & Take It Online!

What to consider when picking an online drivers ed course

In this review, our criteria for identifying decent online drivers ed courses are strict, and for good reason. Drivers ed is an important course teenagers need to undertake because it helps them learn how to be a safe driver. In particular, knowing how to drive safely when you’re a teenager is even more important since in this age group, motor accidents are the most common cause of accidental death. Also, what we learn about driving and the habits we form when we’re young goes a long way, and will no doubt influence how we drive for the rest of our lives. So, we want to be lifelong safe drivers, and since driving is something we’ll be doing day in day out, we need to ensure we reduce the risk of accident as much as possible. That’s why we’re emphasizing the need to find a good online drivers ed course.

So what criteria exactly should we be looking for in an online drivers ed course? Well, like we said, they need to meet very high standards if we can trust them, and here they are:

1. Experience: They need to be highly experienced. By this, we mean having at least 10 years of experience in providing drivers ed courses.

2. Enrolment: Good drivers ed courses are those that have constantly had a high number of people enrolling and graduating over the years. Ideally we would like to see that they have had at the minimum 1 million graduates from their courses.

3. Reputation: Being a reputable online course is absolutely essential. Here you want to be sure that they have many positive reviews, and these can come from a range of platforms, whether they are online forums, the yelp website or scam website checkers.4. Certification: It’s necessary to know in which states the online course is certified, and so customers are aware of whether they are eligible for it or not.

Are online drivers ed courses better than what you can get in a classroom?

We’ve already briefly touched upon comparing an online course with a classroom, but let’s take a look at this further. First things first, it’s worth acknowledging that every student is different and each have different learning preferences. For example, some may prefer having a one-on-one lesson with a driving instructor. But if questions come up related to driving, students can easily ask their parents. Let’s not forget that most parents are actually quite qualified when it comes to knowing about driving, with their decade or two (or more) of experience. Parents will find that online courses offer parent specific resources that can help you help your child get a grasp of drivers ed and learn what they need to become a safe driver.

Now, online courses offer an interactive way of learning about driving. The level of interaction you can get is thanks to the very visual and varied format an online course can take on. It’s not simply a lecture or plain text, but online courses are able to incorporate interactive quizzes, photos, animations and more to engage a student. It’s a way of learning that goes beyond the limited capacity or resources of the traditional classroom, which may be limited to lectures, textbooks and workbooks, which aren’t as engaging or visual for young students trying to learn about driving.

Also, online drivers ed courses have the advantage of personalizing the learning experience and allowing students to grasp concepts at their own pace. For instance, if there’s something that you don’t pick up on or don’t understand initially, then you can easily go back and revisit parts of the course. So, in short, online courses are really an effective way to teach drivers ed – and as we’re seeing their increasing popularity, we can tell that it’s becoming the preferred way for many students and their parents.

My review of top online drivers ed courses

We can go on and on about the benefits of online drivers ed courses, but now that you’ve got the gist of it, let’s see what online drivers ed courses are out there to choose from. Like I said before, there are heaps of courses available but all cannot be reviewed here. Instead, I’ve decided to just review a few of those online courses that stand out and have been recommended as good options.

1. iDriveSafely Teen Driver Course Review

This course is actually quite a reputable online drivers ed course which has been around for more than a decade. During this time, they’ve had high enrollment rates, and altogether, so far they’ve had 5 million students graduate from their online course, which is a really big number. You’ll also find that many good things have been said about iDriveSafely Teen Driver course, with positive reviews on online forums and review websites. What’s more, the Better Business Bureau has consistently given them an A + rating, which goes to show that they’ve upheld their high standards for many years now. Now, a bit about their course – it comes with fun interactive games, videos and animations that are designed to make it an engaging and interesting experience for the student. Apart from having valuable student resources, this online course also considers resources for parents, and offers a separate parent guide. This is actually quite a useful and practical thing since the process of learning to drive for many teenagers is something they accomplish with the help of their parents. Other features that make this online course highly recommended is its 24/7 customer support as well as its money back guarantee.

2. Improv Traffic School Drivers Ed Program Review

This program initially only offered an online traffic school, but has gone on to extend it to include drivers ed courses. What’s so great about the set up and design of the online drivers ed course they offer is that they’ve found a way to make it a fun learning experience through humor. The Improv Comedy Club uses its hilarious stand up comedians to do this, and it has been quite a successful approach so far. With their online course, you’ll be learning all the essentials when it comes to drivers ed, but in a way that engages you and keeps you entertained – so what’s not to like? However, not all states have access to the Improv Traffic School drivers ed course. So for the lucky few who do have access to the school, it’s certainly a worthwhile option to consider for an online drivers ed course.

3. Online Teen Drivers Ed Review

The Online Teen Drivers Ed course not only has been around for a good number of years, but it was actually among the first online drivers ed courses to be available. That’s not it’s only claim to fame. With its latest upgrade, the course now has animations and videos that come in a 3D type format. It’s also got an A + rating from Better Business Bureau, as well as being TSC certified, which really proves its credibility. The online course includes resources for parents too.

4. Teen Driving Course Online Review

Teen Driving Course Online has recently been updated, and as a result, it’s one of the top online courses we are considering. This one may be a better option if you are looking for an online drivers ed course that is affordable but still good. In terms of its courses, some may say that the ones I’ve mentioned above are better because it’s not as interactive as the others. Having said that though, this course is on this list not just for it’s price. It has a good reputation with a stellar Better Business Bureau rating of A +, TSC certification and over 10 years experience. The company also has other notable features such as its money back guarantee.

5. Drivers Ed To Go Teen Driving Course

This is another good option when it comes to affordability. They also have over 10 years experience and an excellent record with an A + Better Business Bureau rating, TSC certification and positive reviews from customers. You shouldn’t be expecting anything as great as say iDriveSafely, but the course still comes with videos, animations and photos. The key thing about this online course is that it’s offered at a low price, and is probably one of the cheapest you can find on the internet. You can check out the prices for yourself on their website.

6. Safe2Drive Online Drivers Ed

Last but certainly not least, is Safe2Drive Online Drivers Ed, which is a different option for those of you who are interested. This program is designed to give parents the opportunity to be their child’s driving instructor. That way, you can be the one to be in control of your child’s drivers ed learning and make sure they get the right learning and support, once you’re qualified for the task with this Safe2Drive program. The company behind Safe2Drive is Inventrum, LLC and it was founded in 2003, providing online drivers ed courses across 11 states, along with traffic safety and defensive driving courses. The Texas Department of Safety has provided its approval of the Parent-Taught Driver Education (PTDE) course as its named.

So there you have it, a list of some very good options for online drivers ed courses. Of course, this list is by no means comprehensive – because there are obviously hundreds more courses out there – but it’s supposed to be a list of some of the top quality courses on offer. As you can see from the reviews for yourself, the online drivers ed courses mentioned differ in various aspects. Some may be more better options for their interactive quality, and others for their low price.

But either way, from this list you can rest assured that they are legitimate and trustworthy companies offering drivers education courses online. They all have a solid A + Better Business Bureau rating which makes them reputable, as well as having many years experience (10 plus years). What’s more, each of these online drivers ed courses come with money back guarantees, which means that they are confident you’ll be getting the experience you sign up for – and if you don’t, well then, you’ve got their money back guarantee.

How you use an online drivers ed course

The role of an online drivers ed course depends on what state you’re living in and the requirements it has. Sometimes its application may be limited and you can only use it to study for your driving permit. But in other states, the role of online drivers ed courses is more prominent – and that’s what we said in the beginning, that more states are starting to approve these courses for wider application. In such states, the online drivers ed courses is actually a full substitute to learning the course in the classroom. As a result, the online course is a process that takes months because it serves as your complete drivers education, and with it, you will meet the drivers ed requirements of the state. To find out whether your state permits the online drivers ed courses and the specific process involved, you can go to the website of the online courses we have listed and select your state

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